IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Digital multimedia space art design at Beijing China Resources Youanmen Sales Office

by Hangzhou Quadrant Soft Decoration Design Co., Ltd.

Project Description

"Sketches of Stroll Idly"--Digital multimedia space art design at Beijing China Resources Youanmen Sales Office
The essence, sense of order and dignity of classical Chinese gardening are integrated into the thinking and pursuit of space. Avoid the traditional conventional open sales office practice, create the atmosphere of the space according to the level of a five-star hotel, and bring customers a progressive and multi-level space experience through lighting, structure and lines. With the book "Sketches of Idle Pleasure" by Mr. Li Yu, a famous life aesthetician and literary scholar in the late Ming and early Qing dynasties, as the core framework running through the whole, and creates a life aesthetic immersion space integrating multimedia art and sculpture.
Taking "Elderly Care Department", "Planting Department" and "Living Department" as clues have evolved the design concept and spatial structure of three chapters of "Nature", "Garden" and "Room". Proportions, colors, furnishings, light and shadow, relying on each other and choosing each other, while introducing nature into the multimedia space, also pay tribute to the life aesthetics of "Sketches of Idle Pleasure".

Hangzhou Quadrant Soft Decoration Design Co., Ltd.

Quadrant Art Design started in 2007 and has been registered for more than ten years. It has been committed to the public art research of commercial space for a long time, especially good at the research and development of space art design of international five-star hotel standards, and has many years of experience in large-scale project construction. The core members of the team all have academic backgrounds from top art colleges and experience in top international design institutions. We have formed good cooperation with global design institutions and art partners, and are the storage supplier of China Resources, CapitaLand, Greentown, Kaiyuan, and other listed companies.
In 2020, a branch will be established in Singapore, and an art transit offshore warehouse will be set up in Memphis, the United States, to link the east and west coast art logistics channels. The director of the company, Dr. Yuelai Ruan, has been devoted to the research of commercial art in public space for many years and has participated in hundred million level key government projects such as the World Expo, Beijing Daxing Airport, and Zunyi Long March National Cultural Park. He is currently the director of the Department of Public Art at the China Academy of Art, focusing on digital multimedia art commercial space design as his main research direction.
With an open and cross-border attitude, Quadrant Art Design will continue to try new business cooperation. In the future, it will gradually deepen the systematic research of commercial public space. It will use the domestic and foreign resources accumulated by the team for many years to integrate exhibition, media, and IP derivatives, use Aesthetics to explore the interaction between business and the market, and explores the creation of new business scenarios from an operational perspective.

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