IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

O’DAS Low Carbon Art Museum

by Patrick Lai

Project Description

O’DAS Low Carbon Art Museum is located in Easyhome at Foshan China, with the theme of exploring the differences of different environments in parallel worlds, and is committed to transmitting a low-carbon and energy-saving lifestyle to people. The museum integrates aesthetic concepts and functional design, and emphasizes the green ecological lifestyle with diversified visual experiences. Let users realize that social and natural is closely related, and inspire people's sense of mission and responsibility for a low-carbon world.
Project Name: O’DAS Low Carbon Art Museum Project
location: Foshan, China. Area: 530㎡
Design time: September 2022
Completion time: March 2023
Design company: JOLNY SPACE PLANNING LIMITED COMPANY. Creative design: Patrick Lai

Patrick Lai

Passionate about design, providing diverse space feelings for the society in the spirit of innovation. Specializing in star-rated hotels, real estate development, private high-end mansions, high-end restaurants and other space design.

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