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International Design Pioneer Award

HE.SEVEN. He. Seven office space

by Ding Ran

Projet Description

Project name: HE.SEVEN Office space
Interior design: Hangzhou Anqi Design
Written Case: Cheng Cheng
Photography is by Cao Yin
Construction: Three Olympic construction
Item: Drow item
Project area: 240 square meters
Completion date: 2022.03
Project address: Hangzhou, China
Main materials: cherry wood, rust board, art paint
The office space of HE.SEVEN, a children's wear collection brand, is designed by Anseven and located in Hangzhou Sijiqing Chinese textile market. This is a joint exploration of the HE.SEVEN brand and a reflection on the impetuous atmosphere of the current "Internet celebrity" office space.
At present, the office space creates a sense of fast fading. HE.SEVEN's manager wanted to be out of touch with the present; Emphasize their own unique elegance, soft and comfortable space feeling.
Ann hopes that through the office space design of HE.SEVEN, people can return to leisure experience and work, and the space can return to the space itself, rather than the temporary consumption carrier of "Internet celebrity" catering to the existence of social network. In the design, Ann Qi incorporates the concept of "home". Comfort, relaxation and elegance are the core direction of space design. To reduce the impetuous mentality of employees and improve the space experience of willing to stay, work itself is a way of life.
Although the most intuitive export of a brand is the product and store image, its brand image and characteristics are throughout. Not only from the store space, from the office space is also different from other children's wear brand companies, more emphasis on user stickiness and user characteristics.

Ding Ran

Ding Ran, designer and art director, born in 1990. He graduated from China Academy of Art in 2014. In 2017, Hangzhou Anqi Design Office was established. The design works span the fields of architecture, space and visual communication. Over the years, I have continued to pay attention to consumer experience and life scene design research, and accumulated rich practical experience in commercial space and architecture.
Awards and honors
2023 FDC AWARD French Design Gathering magazine
International Influence Cover Person of the Year Award

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