IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Orange Rhythm Office Space

by Wuhan Explore Originality Design Engineering Co., LTD(EOD)

Project Description

Office space shows the brand spirit of a company, we want to convey the spirit and philosophy of the company through the shaping of the office space, and as a cultural media office space, full of inclusiveness and creativity.
designer interweave and fuse different elements,And the application of the main color orange to create a new look, forming a sense of infinite and varied scenes in a limited space, allowing the space to penetrate, extend and tension, also making the space change to show the invisible fusion of art and function, shaping an open, innovative and interesting office space.

Wuhan Explore Originality Design Engineering Co., LTD(EOD)

Wuhan Explore Originality Design Engineering Co., Ltd. was established in 2019, the team was created from thinking about all the connections of design, looking for the integration of space design with functionality and service, coordinating aesthetics and practicality conflicts, and creating future human living environment with excellent strength. By reinventing old things, combining their humanistic background and the pace of change of the times, we are constantly exploring new things to create new values, focusing on diversified public space design, such as group office space, commercial real estate, and architecture, landscape, furniture and products, etc. We are a new design force in the "architecture-interior integration" of all-state design. We are a new design force in the "architecture-interior" holistic design.

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