IDPA Japan Design Award

2024 International Design Pioneer Award | Japan Tokyo


by HILL Landscape

Project Description

The Qingdao Hisense Jingyue Project is located in Laoshan District, Qingdao City, in the future super development zone of Qingdao and the core position of the Yellow Sea development area. It has rich educational, commercial, medical, and environmental resources, forming a high-quality community living circle. This project is designed with the theme of "Visiting the garden courtyard, appreciating the pure jade and perfecting the view". It is inspired by the Humble Administrator's Garden and draws inspiration from traditional gardening techniques, giving it a fashionable expression and incorporating exquisite luxury elements. The overall style tends to be stable and introverted, emphasizing the quality and texture of materials, creating a high-end luxury residential landscape with "one axis, three entrances, and one ring".

NO.1The beautiful view comes - A sense of ceremony returning home in the courtyard:
Along Yaohai Road, with a height of 7m and a width of 59m, the urban exhibition area is nearly a hundred meters, showcasing the grand and high-end atmosphere of the project, and bringing a sense of ceremony when returning home. The Zhongdao style welcome water scenery features the selection of unique Laoshan jade and raw stones from Qingdao, with delicate and sparkling stones shining brightly.
NO.2 Yuping Waterfall Observation - Landscape Aesthetics Sinking Water Garden:
In a 260 square meter sunken courtyard, taking the famous scenery of Mount Laoshan, "Jiushui Waterfall Observation", a 10 meter wide flowing waterfall is depicted, connecting the upper and lower levels of the water courtyard. By utilizing the huge vertical height difference of the sunken courtyard, a multi-level landscape space is created, creating a vivid form of a three story retreat platform.
No.3 Yulang Jingxuan - Entering the Garden with Paintings, Viewing the Garden Like a Picture.
By constructing and framing the landscape walls, we interpret the pattern of Eastern aesthetics through spatial rituals. The tea room, garden, corridor, clear pool, and rocks form a layout of a courtyard, progressing layer by layer. The design incorporates jade and stones into details such as corridors, tea rooms, lighting fixtures, entrances, paving, and window decorations, creating a multi-dimensional garden experience with a courtyard and a garden within the garden.
NO.4 Floating Pond Tea House - Aesthetic Meeting Tea House:
Climbing up the stairs, passing through the courtyard gate defined by mountains and stones, entering the front courtyard of the tea room, is a quiet courtyard with simple stepping stones, flowing stones, flowing red maple trees, scattered gravel, and a slow stream. A tea room with an area of about 180 square meters is built by the water, planted with lotus flowers and vines on the water bank. It is a quiet water courtyard, where you can meet friends through tea and experience the elegant tea ceremony atmosphere.
The floating pond tea house integrates modern aesthetics and eastern connotations, cleverly expanding the dimensions of tea space. The tea pavilion adopts a suspended trapezoidal ceiling, and the roof form follows the sloping roof form of classical garden architecture.
Jingyue draws inspiration from the Humble Administrator's Garden, one of the "Four Great Gardens of China", and takes inspiration from the elegant and luxurious garden atmosphere of the East. Taking inspiration from the essence of traditional Chinese garden design, such as natural density, changing scenery, and layering stones and water, forms a central landscape axis and nine aesthetic experience areas for daily life. Although created by humans, it feels like it opens from heaven, and creating a contemporary aesthetic atmosphere of Eastern gardens.

HILL Landscape

HILL Landscape company is a large-scale landscape design institution in China, a Class B specialized qualification unit for landscape engineering design, a high-tech enterprise, and has ranked in the top five of China's product strength rankings on Jinpan Net for three consecutive years. Established in Shenzhen in 2007, with over 60 professional design talents, we practice comprehensive landscape planning and design, committed to environmental space design in urban residential, commercial and office, cultural and tourism public, hotel and vacation, industrial parks, schools, hospitals, and other fields. We have produced over a thousand landscape works, won recognition from all parties with our strong professional strength, and won many professional strength awards.
Including: United Nations FOTUN Design Award, Global Habitat Environment Award, American Master of Architecture Award, GFDA Global Future Design Award, IDA International Design Award, PIO Global Real Estate Design Award, Shenzhen Excellent Engineering Survey and Design Award, Shenzhen Landscape Association Excellent Design Award, AHLA Asian Habitat Landscape Award, REARD Global Real Estate Design Award, CREDAWARD Real Estate Design Award, as well as well-known professional awards such as Aesthetics Vogue Award, Landscape Ingenuity Award, Yuanye Award, Kinpan Award, Kinju Award, and  IDEA-KING Award in China and abroad. At the same time, 11 excellent design projects of Hill Landscape have been included in the 13th Five Year Plan textbook "Landscape Planning and Design".

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