IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award


by KUKA HOME Jason Furniture (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd.

Project Description

This chair is named Dora chair. It has a round shape and relaxed lines, combined with a particularly enveloping and bouncy seating sensation. Overall, it exudes a natural sense of closeness and relaxation, creating a self-indulgent space. In terms of structural design, this chair features light functionality, manual control, and can be rocked and rotated, allowing free and unrestricted moods to soar to the clouds in 360° rocking motion.
In terms of material and color selection, to meets the diverse needs of different groups of people,this chair is available in leather and cloth. Two color options for the fabric version: Basque and Salted Caramel. They are lively and fashionable, and will become a beautiful scenery in your home. The leather version's color scheme incorporates a calm and elegant atmosphere, the color of Tiramisu, warm and peaceful, and Blueberry Crepe, serene yet romantic.
The product as a whole is agile and comfortable, individualistic and versatile, and is suitable for a variety of decoration styles such as modern, minimalist, and luxurious, as well as diverse spaces such as living rooms, balconies, study rooms, and bedrooms, and various scenarios such as leisure, viewing, and relaxation. Anytime and anywhere, it will make your life more relaxed and wonderful.

KUKA HOME Jason Furniture (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd.

KUKA HOME with "home" as the origin, it is committed to providing healthy, comfortable and environmentally friendly home solutions for families around the world. Since its establishment in 1982, loyal to the original aspiration, focus on the research, development, production and sales of guest restaurants, bedroom and custom home products; together with business partners, to provide users with high quality products, efficient service, unexpected solutions, to help global families enjoy a happier home life.

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