IDPA Japan Design Award

2024 International Design Pioneer Award | Japan Tokyo



Project Description

Layout inspiration for théATRE tea pastry project in Sanlitun Taikooli comes from traditional opera theatre. Every function and display follows a central axis in the space. The bar sits in the middle of the room playing as the main acting stage, driving the attention of all customers sitting around. The background of the whole scene is occupied by a yellow curve wall, conceived as a curtain behind which are located the “technical” rooms: main kitchen and cake labs. Two entrances cut on the left and on the right sides of the curved wall, define the openings from which waiters go in and out as if they were actors crossing the theatrical stage. The scenographic effect of perspective is accentuated by the slight inclination of the ceiling, the center of which is dominated by a round impressive backlit skylight, suggesting the feeling of being under a grant sky vault.
A long counter made of grey artificial stone contains all main bar functions and exposed displays with a wide choice of fresh pastries for customers to select. At the end of the bar and right under the skylight there is a round table, designed to host cocktail shows and tea ceremonies.
Along the sidewalls, two seating areas on raised platforms evoke the idea of being seated on theater stalls. Yellow leather is used for all customized built-in benches, while loose chairs and stools by HAY match the overall color scheme of grey yellow, and white. On the main walls, covered with white glossy 3dimensional bubble bumped ceramic tiles from Italian brand IMOLA, is hung up a series or 12 lenticular site-specific artworks by INSTANT HUTONG, inspired by théATRE patterns and resembling circular blue portholes overlooking the sky.
As you walk by this shop, attention is naturally drawn to the back curve wall, which is colored with yellow gently fading into grey, where five sofas are custom made to fit in the semi-circular-shaped niches. Strong scenographic qualities and dynamic movement is also shown in the shop façade, which is characterized by curved glass and a system of set-back doors. The show-windows create generous spaces for cake and sweetie displays, in the aim to embrace and welcome customers to enter. Care of customers, well-being, and the pleasure of quality lifestyle is the general feeling expressed by the project.
Year :2021
Location :Taikooli, Beijing Sanlitun
Function :tea shop, café and pastry bakery
Area :200 m²
Design by :RAMOPRIMO 
Architects:Marcella Campa, Stefano Avesani Project team:Zhao Xinyi , Giacomo Squaquara, Wang WenWen , HuoRan
Furniture:RAMOPRIMO, Hay
Wall tiles:Imola
Client :théATRE
Photographer :Marcella Campa
Instagram :ramoprimostudio


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