IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Private villa design in Quanzhou, Fujian province

by Dongguan Weiyang Decoration Design Co., LTD

Projet Description

This case villa space design works with quality as the center, household design from life expression, intercepting the owners work associated with regional culture abroad, into the giraffe, spelling a flower, a blanket, plantain lamp, such as African cultural elements, embodies the contemporary humanity living character tonality of ascension, set collection to the art way to present, solid wood hollow out high hung, giraffes at foraging, Make empty carry the hall handsome cool fashion, do not break clever wild interest again. Bedroom space returns to the essence of warmth and comfort, downy tonal make the person is peaceful and slow. Daughter space pink purple tone warm and clear, princess dream and design of advanced sense of coexistence, children can also be refreshing the United States, not vulgar not grandiose.

Dongguan Weiyang Decoration Design Co., LTD

Weiyang design was founded in 2005, is a design agency of great commercial value, focus on the home furnishing industry to provide space planning design and display design services of professional design company, over the years business scope covers home furnishing brand commercial space, real estate, clubs, villas, luxury houses, public space and so on.
WeiYang after 17 years of design practices and resource integration, relying on professional design team, the stability of the project execution, from the project start moving ground delivery each link of the control, design according to the practice of the project to the perfect present, giving space art aesthetic flavor, contemporary lifestyle, build experience between people, To provide customers with high quality design services and security.

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