IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Jinmao Yuncui Glory – Showroom

by Yongna Sheng

Projet Description

The layout of the living room breaks the conventional spatial boundaries, emphasizing the thinking of the sense of space and the function of life.
The guest restaurant takes "unbounded life" as its theme. The open layout provides enough space for family members to communicate and interact, and the open environment allows the power of living to flourish.
The living room, dining room and multi-energy area are integrated to realize multi-scene dialogue. The design team not only grasps the international trend in functional positioning, but also releases the potential of the space.
In the living room, the scene no longer follows the traditional layout, and users can live, socialize, communicate with parents and children in complete relaxation, watch the world freely and release themselves.
Sunlight penetrates into the room through the spacious and bright windows, and the lush green plants add vigorous vitality to the space. Drink a cup of coffee quietly and let your thoughts pass slowly, smashing the calm time.
The artistic atmosphere and emotional communication interact in the open space. The clear marble dining table and leather dining chairs, against the background of the minimalist linear lamps, have a little less hardness and a little more temperature, making the dining room and the living room full of emotional connection.
The master bedroom also has a sense of scale, comfort and ritual in space.
Layers of progressive, orderly arranged cloakrooms and specially-made writing and reading desks are extremely luxurious with an open scale, and outline the modern luxury texture with details to create a sense of ritual in life.
A living space should have good privacy. In this space, you create your life, and it is also a reflection of your life.
Comfortable living experience is always the first factor to be considered in the parents' room. The cleverly designed bay window sill is both practical and beautiful. It plays together with the space to break the dullness of the space, and there is ingenuity in the simplicity.
The boy's room is designed with the theme of "fencing", which integrates the children's interests and aspirations, and can be accompanied by the love of the heart while growing up healthily.
The study room integrates the owner's interest and reading into one room, creating a rich life scene.

Yongna Sheng

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