IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Private house design in Foshan,Guangdong

by Feihong Han

Project Description

When I stepped into the interior design project in Foshan, Guangdong, I felt a familiar yet unfamiliar atmosphere. This was a house with four rooms originally, but now we had to turn it into two rooms. This challenge was not easy, but I deeply understood that the space needed not only beauty and practicality, but also the soul and spirit of design, in order to truly become a unique living environment.
After deep communication with the owner, I decided to use modern and simple design concept to create this space. I believed that modern and simple design could inject fresh air into the room and create an elegant and exquisite living environment. I chose dark brown wood as the custom material for the walls and cabinets, and added metal elements to increase the modern feel. In order to show the sense of hierarchy in the space, I cleverly used different shades of colors for decoration. Such design details made the room more rich and interesting.
For the choice of floor materials, I chose solid wood flooring, which is a high-quality and comfortable material. It not only meets the characteristics of modern and simple style, but also brings natural texture and warmth to the living environment. In terms of soft decoration, I chose baxter, a brand of furniture from Italy, whose high-quality design and craftsmanship represent the modern and simple style. The dark brown wood of the cabinets and bookshelves not only provided enough storage space, but also became the visual focus of the room. I also carefully selected some design details, such as the mirrored decoration on the walls and the light-colored curtains, creating a comfortable and warm home atmosphere, bringing the owner a pleasant living experience.
I know that the success of this interior design project is not only reflected in its aesthetic value, but also in its improvement of the owner's quality of life. I hope that my design can bring more life quality to the owner, allowing them to feel the beauty of fashion, comfort, and nature at home. This interior design project made me feel the charm and challenge of design, and also deepened my understanding of the essence and value of modern and simple design.

Feihong Han

Graduated from the Environmental Art Design program at Guangdong Light Industry Vocational and Technical College in 2003, I have been working in the interior design industry for 19 years. I am the Design Director and Founder of Guangzhou Elephant Decoration Design Co., Ltd., as well as serving as the Entrepreneurship Guidance Instructor at Guangdong Donghua Design Institute and the External Assessment Expert at Guangdong Donghua Design Institute. I am also a distinguished lecturer at Guangzhou University of Science and Technology.
I have won numerous awards for my work, including the Hotel Design Award in the 2017/18 Asia Pacific Design Elite Competition, the Top Ten Gold Medal Interior Designers in China for the 2019-2020 Design Impact China Awards, the Gold Award for the Villa Mansion Space Plan in the 2019-2020 International Environmental Art Innovation Design Works Awards, the Top Ten Gold Medal Interior Designers in China for the 2020-2021 Design Impact China Awards, the Diamond Award for the Villa Mansion Space Plan in the 2020-2021 International Environmental Art Innovation Design Works Awards, and the Villa Design Award in the 2020-2021 Asia Pacific Design Elite Competition.

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