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International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Puxin Island Project

by Shenzhen Dongya Landscape Design Engineering Co., Ltd.

Project Description

Short but Fun vacation in the city, landing on the future island that travels through time and space
The Puxin Island Project is located south of Xianghu 2nd Road and west of Laofu River of Nanchang County, Nanchang City, Jiangxi Province. The project is surrounded by water systems and faces Changnan Gymnasium Park across the water. The natural waterfront environment is superior with a 270° panorama of the water view surrounding. It has been brewing the classic love of the people of Ganpo for the culture of living by the water. We hope to give this love to everyone and create a prosperous waterfront scene on Puxin Island. In the process of the Puxin Island project, the designer tried his best to pour his love for the natural ecology, and integrated the thousands of magnificent scenes of the site into it; It is an organically connected scenery space that looks like a gate of time and space, multi-functional lawn, community park, and other landscape spaces. A period of artistic life experience is gradually created, allowing the space to give birth to meaning.
A Floating Island
Floating out of the sea is the meaning of an island
After analyzing the demands of the project and the current conditions, a spiritual fortress is set up in the artistic front as a guide to increase the visibility of the project and guide the sight; The large blank lawn sets off the floating trend of the gate of time and space, and it looks like an island floating out of the sea from a distance. The light and shadow projected on the glass door will shine brightly, welcoming everyone who visits Future Island. The flake-like landscape wall elongates the display surface at the entrance and guides the flow of visitors. In the artistic front, there appears a floating island; in the back garden, gurgling water flows into dreams. Both art and nature have the power of healing and inspiration, and space carries the infinite imagination of life.
Island Monologue
A future dream beyond time and space
When you are feeling the dreamy future of the starlight water mirror, as you are touching the graceful art of the land, it is a mixture of reality and ideal... An organic combination of art and nature, a visual feast full of artistic integrity unfolds here. Fog spray, art installations, gravel, and the vibrant tortoiseshell and holly field are composed of miniature land art.
The greenery, the shadows of the trees, and the corridor with water build a secret place. It roams the space, sometimes it is an open space, sometimes it is a closed one or coexistence of privacy and sharing; the light and shadow mark the wall, and flickering, and wandering...
With good use of the spatial scale by transiting the stepping stone path, the mutual clinging of water and shore actively control the atmosphere of the scene and the rhythm of the space. It's like walking on the sea, lingering among the starry sky and water mirrors.
Poetry rhyme and comfort have always been the exclusive products of people. At the sunset viewing platform, they enjoy the sunset, which also decorates the scenery of others in the coffee bar.
Island and Imagination
The main theme of liberalism
With the life scene of "opening the window to see the scenery, every step is poetic", the place is the dynamism of the water landscape, the freedom of the lawn, the transparency of the metasequoia forest, the relaxation, and the coziness of the vacation, and it will immerse people who are tired of the hustle and bustle of life.
Future Dreamer
A fresh and spacious dream house
The Puxin Island Park, which is dedicated to building, includes natural landscapes of promenades, viewing platforms, and large lawns for camping. It is a strength to create an urban micro-vacation experience, interpreting the happy life.
In the large greenery for outdoor activities, people can have zero-distance contact with nature and experience a short but fun vacation by camping. This place is called Yuanqi Island, and children could spend their time embracing nature and have a nice childhood.
The park has also set up a waterfront walkway with an average width of about 2.4 meters, and some key point of the walkway sets up the green land, mini golf, viewing platform, etc. They create the characteristics of the metasequoia forest while enriching plant varieties. That is to say that it truly brings a vacation to the doorstep, making a vacation a daily routine.
Story continues...
There is such an oasis, which is accompanied by rivers and lakes and suspended in the waters. It is said that it is composed of seven islands after a long period of time, standing there quietly as if telling a story that lasted hundreds of millions of years. In the near future, it will return with a new attitude and reshape its new life. Puxin Island project adheres to the design concept of “Floating Emerald Island Expressing Future Life”, reshaping forest life in the form of nature, growth, vitality, wisdom, and art.
An Island
Guard the island against your heart
What you see is what you get, so the design pays attention to the creation of details. The designer communicated with the team of Party A and the construction team several times. The construction technology is exquisite and skillful, and the actual landing effect has undergone repeated drills and scrutiny. The selection of plant varieties and other aspects are strictly controlled. The creation of plant space contains ingenuity. It advocates the co-growth of plants and nature, creating landscaping with a life cycle. There are patches of metasequoia forests in the garden, and high-quality plants such as the Chinese tallow tree, sweet-scented osmanthus, and Acer palmatum. They are selected to enhance the quality of the site to express the theme of “Between the millimeters, ingenuity is measured”.
No matter how noisy the world is, the heart of the craftsman is absolutely quiet and stable, the ingenuity of the quality of life, the pursuit of perfection, and the yearning for natural life.
In Puxin Island, the designer invites you to a future exhibition about time and art. Let life return to its origin by dialogue with nature, with the future.
Project Name|Puxin Island Project
Party A|Jiangxi Yitai City Property Development Co., Ltd.
Project location|Nanchang, Jiangxi, China
Design time|10/2022
Design area|Demonstration area: 18210㎡ Non-demonstration area: 52000㎡
Landscape design: Shenzhen Dongya Landscape Design Engineering Co., Ltd.
Landscape construction: Jiangxi Dongya Landscape Design Engineering Co., Ltd.
Project Control|Fang Tengfei
Main Designer|He Guanghui
Chief Engineering Control|Luo Xiaohua
Technology Control|Zhang Jing
Business Manager|Wang Limei
Design Team|Guowei Hu, Baolin Tao, Yuhua Liu, Chunping Li, Qing Hu, Linqing Wang, Meiqin Dai, Yuanyuan Xu, Jingchao Xu
Engineering Team|Bao Min, Wang Zhenwei, Xiong Liangang, Deng Kaiyuan, Wang Mingyu
Photography | Zhang Zhi

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