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International Design Pioneer Award

Power 8 Lighting Showroom


Project Description

Project Introduction
On the first level of a building housing offices in the center of Xiamen's CBD, this area serves as Power 8 Lighting's first image experience store. At the intersection of vehicle and pedestrian traffic, there is a store with a separate front and a decent display area. With the assistance of value-added lighting design services, Power 8 Lighting focuses mostly on led lighting series sans primary light. Power 8 Lighting is dedicated to combining lighting with emotions, attitudes, and habits. The company produces its own lighting products and lighting concepts, offers complete lighting solutions to its target market of post-1980s and post-1990s home buyers and owners, and works to rekindle public interest in lighting environments and brand resonance.
Through this collaboration, the owner intends to improve customer experience, incorporate aesthetics, design, and art into the brand space, and better represent and express the brand image through the locational features and independence of the shop itself. The goal and location of Power 8's initial physical site were determined based on a variety of factors. The design contains a live option to consider and investigate numerous uncertainties based on the brand idea of "expecting the temperature of light," with the goal of using deeper lighting design to provide clients a greater understanding of the link between lighting and environment.
Architecture is a container of light
The spatial design of this case collaborates with the lighting design to explore different lighting methods and experiences through experimental exploration. Through the infusion of light as a kind of energy, we can give life to the space and create infinite possibilities. Therefore, there is no set route in this 'Indefinite' space of light. One can only explore every corner of the space through the 'guidance of light'. The design uses the basic geometric forms of points, lines and surfaces, allowing people to cut off the relevance of reality and enter a virtual space built purely by light.
The interior is constructed with geometric blocks to create a pure space of light and shadow. The abandonment of decorative elements and signage design allows people to think less of the conventional thought and blur the boundaries of space. Square-shaped blocks of different sizes are distributed in various areas of the exhibition hall, making different spatial proportions. The light rendering generates an illusion of weightlessness through floating and staggering. The floating platform is arranged with display perforated panels. The light is transmitted from the acrylic rods in the holes, creating an undulating dotted rhythm through the changes in color.
Geometric Disassembly
The Power 8 Lighting Showroom, with the concept of "deconstruction and reorganization", expresses the brand concept of "exploring the infinite possibilities of light". The light box floating in the air is like a luminous life form rhythmically breathing the light and darkness, leading people to a light exploration. The space design simulates different types of open, semi-open and closed space proportions to create an approximate spatial sensation. At the same time, the shape is not figurative, with geometric forms to express, so that customers can better correlate their own space and the echo of the scene, and then to feel the simulation test of the scene lighting.
In addition, the main design of the space voice through the structure, materials and lighting three main elements of different forms and combinations, interpretation, construction of a virtual space experience. Structurally, by cutting and dismantling the geometric blocks in the space, they are distributed in the interior in different size combinations, providing different planes and gaps for light to penetrate through, radiating different spaces to form associations and rendering different levels. The use of highly reflective materials, such as floor tiles, transparent glass and black titanium stainless steel reflect and refract different dimensions and layers of space. Finally, we use multiple lighting methods to let light as the soul protagonist to render the whole space through different colors, light and dynamic changes.
Light and shadow are closely related to the interior of the building.
The concept of Power 8 Lighting Showroom is to "explore the infinite possibilities of light". Through the language of spatial design, the designer interprets a deconstructed and reorganized virtual space to explore the different spatial experiences of light.
Unlike traditional lighting and building material stores, the store focuses more on the lighting experience than on the display shelves and office negotiation tables and chairs. The store area is 118 square meters, with a headroom of 4m under the beam. The layout planning relocates the non-experiential space to the corner, leaving 80% of the area as lighting experience space, and creates different characteristics of the space such as platform, confined space and suspended box to provide more levels of lighting experience. Scene is the core theme on space design and sales function. Through intelligent assistance, we make the lighting more diversified. The pure scene mode switching to interactive switching experience makes the whole browsing more richness, thus improving the customers' understanding and experience of the lighting and driving the dialogue and interaction with the store staff themselves to create topics.
The project starts from the entrance to restructure the structure of the space, creating a virtual space of light that extends to the interior to make customers feel the flow of pure light in the space and explore every corner of the space by tracing the traces of light. The design hopes that the client can feel the temperature and dimension of different lights in the process of looking for light.
Based on the theme of exploring light, we deliberately hide the entrance and exit, so that once people enter the room, they will see a light box floating in the air. The light radiating through its windows is a rhythmic, breathing light, like a box of light with life. It is connected to a heavenly ladder. We believe that human instincts will be activated by this living organism to find the path to the core of the light box. It also initiates the customer to make a journey of light. Combined with the professional explanations of the sales clerks, customers go through their chosen lamps and even discover the lamps that can be replaced or added during the tour.
These seemingly irregular geometry and spatial levels are in fact a walk around the light box, only to create a different scene experience through the different sizes and heights of the space ratio. In the Power 8 Lighting showroom, we integrated the display into the space, not affecting the overall theme of the space while meeting the display needs of the owners. The location of the displays is arranged according to the needs of the dynamic line, and the sales space and functions are also integrated into the overall design and distributed in the visiting dynamic line. From the central large group display, window display cabinets, active display laminate, color changing theme boxes, scene simulation of the small dark room, independent display frame, plus the floor, wall, gap, ceiling space, all of these are able to meet the lighting showroom all the products and space needs.


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