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POWERCHINA Beijing Daxing 2-002A Land Project


Project Description

Project Description The project is located in the South Fifth Ring Road, Xihongmen Town, Daxing District, Beijing, China, which is 14KM away from the city center, with obvious location advantages and superior transportation conditions. The total land area of the project is about 82,500 square meters, which is a mixed-function plot for talent apartments and public buildings. The surrounding area of the base has initially formed the trend of central enterprises' gathering, various construction projects have been promoted in an orderly manner, and the basic facilities such as road transportation have gradually tended to be completed. The west side of the plot is a residential area which will be implemented soon, and it can provide all kinds of public service facilities for this project. Besides, the central enterprise project on the south side of the plot has been topped out, and the surrounding landscape is harmonized.
In this project, the layout is enclosed, with office buildings on the east and west sides and talent apartments in the center. The core concept of the project is to integrate the office and the talent apartments so that there is a certain degree of connectivity between them without interfering with each other. Therefore, the design utilizes the two neighborhood roads within the site to flexibly set up alleys to separate some of the offices from the apartments, and uses the alleys to form a setback from the neighboring sites. In addition, by setting up three garage entrances for offices and apartments to be used independently, different functions are not interfered with each other, and all the garage entrances and exits are set up on the neighborhood road to minimize the impact on the surrounding traffic environment, fully conforming to the surrounding roads and planning forms, and forming a positive urban interface with the surrounding buildings.
The project's architectural façade is dominated by the modern minimalist style, and the design concept of "Harmonic Core Language", which is a refinement of the culture and regional characteristics of POWERCHINA, features high-grade gray and champagne gold, creating a contemporary aesthetic façade with a strong sense of avant-garde. The artistic rhythm of the metal façade division creates a hard façade with a sense of modern art, making the building light and avant-garde. In addition, the crown of the tower adopts champagne-colored perforated panels and warm gray aluminum panels to add an exquisite and warm feeling, and is presented by using light steel keel combined with civil engineering beams and columns and curtain wall system installation. In addition, the large surface of the standard floor adopts imitation stone aluminum plate and champagne-colored aluminum curtain wall material to ensure flatness and realism while meeting the principle of safety and cost control, as well as the use of natural real stone and aluminum curtain wall at the front door to achieve the finesse and texture of the near-human scale.
In terms of sustainable development, the project is designed on the basis of the green building of the Talent Apartment, and complies with the green building evaluation standards and other relevant green construction rules. The interior and public areas of the Talent Apartment are designed and constructed with the integration of civil engineering and decoration engineering, and are delivered fully furnished, with the use of industrialized interior components, including non-masonry internal partition walls and integrated kitchens. In addition, the vertical design of the site is conducive to rainwater collection or discharge, effectively organizing rainwater infiltration, retention or reuse. With the addition of rainwater facilities such as concave green space, permeable paving, and rainwater cisterns, the quality of the project's water environment is improved. Concurrently with this project, the use of solar photovoltaic modules is adopted to reduce the use of consumables and energy.


POWERCHINA BEIJING Engineering Corporation Limited (hereinafter referred to as BJEC), founded in 1953, was one of the first large-scale investigation, design and research institutes directly under the Ministry of Water Resources in China. Now it is a wholly-owned subsidiary of POWERCHINA Construction Group Co., Ltd. (one of the top 500 enterprises in the world).
BJEC is mainly specialized in planning, investigation and mapping, reconnaissance, design, scientific research, consultation, supervision, environmental protection, soil and water conservation, monitoring, geotechnical treatment, EPC projects, and investment in the fields of hydropower, water conservancy, civil construction, renewable energy (wind power, photovoltaic), infrastructure facilities, roads and bridges, cultural relics protection, etc.
BJEC attaches importance to management innovation and honor credit. Now it has the certificates of quality, occupational health and safety, and environmental management system. It is the AAA grade credit enterprise of China's electric power industry, the AAA grade credit enterprise of water conservancy construction market body, the AAA+ grade credit enterprise of the national water conservancy and hydropower surveying and designing industry, the AAA grade credit enterprise of the China Association of Construction Engineering Cost Management, the AAA grade credit enterprise of China Chamber of Commerce for the Import and Export of Machinery and Electronic Products, the AAA grade credit enterprise of the China Association of Engineering Supervision of Engineering Construction, the first grade enterprise of National Energy Bureau's electric power safety production standardization. AAA grade credit enterprise of China Engineering Construction Supervision Unit, the first grade enterprise of National Energy Administration's electric power safety production standardization, and has been awarded "National Electric Power Industry Customer Satisfaction Service" and "National Advanced Enterprise in Implementing Excellence Performance Mode" for many years in a row; and has been selected by Engineering News Record (ENR) for many years in a row. Engineering News Record (ENR) and Construction Times jointly launched the "Top 60 Chinese Engineering Design Enterprises" and "Top 80 Chinese Contractors" for many years; and won the "National Power Industry Excellent Enterprise Award". ", "Special Award for Advanced Enterprises in National Electric Power Industry and National Implementation of Excellent Performance Model", "Excellent Award for Enterprise Culture in National Electric Power Industry", "National Quality Trustworthy Unit", "Beijing Quality Management System", "Beijing Quality Management System", and "Top 60 Engineering Design Enterprises in China". "Beijing Quality Award", "Beijing Outstanding Integrity Enterprise", etc.

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