IDPA Japan Design Award

2024 International Design Pioneer Award | Japan Tokyo

Long life, walking slow

by MBQY Design Consultant (Beijing) Co., Ltd

Project Description

The project of old house renovation in Beijing. The meticulous design envisioned the long-term living and storage needs of a family of four. Hope to maximize the use of all spaces to provide gentle and loving residents with a soft, fun, non rigid, and multi possibility living state. The living room blends the functions of the living room, study, dining room, and Western kitchen. Light and scenery flow into the home through french window. Because of the ingenious connection between indoor and outdoor circulation of four seasons, they naturally become the favorite interactive communication space for family members.
Choose flexible and variable furniture for homeowners. The brown module sofa can be moved for sitting on the same side, back to back, turning into a bed for a nap, and interacting with the office area.When two children chase around, and the family could see each other, filled with tenderness due to companionship~
A lively folding storage cabinet is designed along the left wall, responding to different situations and adding fun moments. Fluctuation from left to right: The sideboard tilts towards the dining table to take care of the meal; Three sets of invisible storage cabinets, parallel to the wall; One side of the bookshelf tilts towards the sofa area, guiding families to read together.
We improve the corridor space and focus on the beauty of visual rhythm, and change the direction of the original guest bathroom entrance; The entrances to the three bedrooms are designed with concave and invisible doors.
Specially select the closest natural wood color board to provide a soothing base color. Add lively artistic embellishments with light sensitive black tiles, orange painted doors, wick glass doors, and metal plates to children. Corridor wall painted with writable, paintable, and magnetic blackboard paint; Transforming bay window seating for children's rooms and provide children with a fun space. Precious memories coexist with time and become increasingly precious. I hope the beloved family of four can live a fun life without panic ,impatience, and slowly pass the long time together.

MBQY Design Consultant (Beijing) Co., Ltd

Woody Qingyuan Design was founded in Beijing in 2008. As the root of wood and the source of water, we try to take the meaning of pursuing the essence of things, hoping to find the root, adhere to it, and strive for perfection,also adhering to the concept of "designing for a good life", and with a professional attitude and humble heart, we have been working hard with this value for fifteen years to "build an ideal home".
We are adept at understanding customer needs, expressing creativity based on spatial architectural characteristics, functional requirements, and aesthetic style, and creating a unique and tasteful space. With a rigorous attitude, meticulous,complete management, and perfect works, we have gained a good reputation and has been praised by many professional competitions.

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