IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Opulent Plumage

by Dongyang Rongdingxuan Redwood Furniture Co., Ltd.-Xu Chaolin, Xu Rongtao

Project Description

This screen, taking African blackwood as the main material, is meticulously crafted through unique wood treatment technique and parquetry craftsmanship, aiming to divide indoor space, enrich the visual effects, and create a refined, elegant atmosphere. African blackwood boasts excellent hardness and durability. By virtue of patented purely physical non-destructive wood treatment technology, the material’s stability is further enhanced with no compromise on its natural texture and toughness, which ensures a long service life of the screen. Also, African blackwood with rich and varied patterns as well as a purple-gold finish exudes a gentle touch reminiscent of jade, contributing to a calm, elegant style for the screen. Its combination with complementary materials such as nanmu and rosewood weaken solemnity while adding a sense of dynamism and lightness.
The screen employs the exclusive parquetry craftsmanship, with 328 differently shaped wooden components intricately joined together through mortise and tenon structures to form the central panel. The design team carefully selects wood from trees of various ages or various parts of trees, with components feature different stress directions. This results in rich textures and colors, shimmering with elegance and magnificence. Thanks to seamless technology of wood structure, the product do not need to reserve expansion joints, which eliminates seams between components without the use of any chemical coatings, further achieving a more visually integrated, exquisite appearance and a delicate, smooth touch. Moreover, it adopts a special rhombus pattern from Chinese traditional lattice windows. When sunlight shines through the window, the screen casts plum blossom-shaped shadows, not only improving spatial transparency but also embodying the charm of Chinese classical aesthetics.
Additionally, this wrap-around screen can be disassembled and reconfigured, easy to transport and adjust the size.

Dongyang Rongdingxuan Redwood Furniture Co., Ltd.-Xu Chaolin, Xu Rongtao

Dongyang Rongdingxuan Redwood Furniture Co., Ltd. (Rongdingxuan Redwood Furniture Co., LTD.) is a redwood enterprise with intrinsic technology, heritage value, and focus on the development and application of material technology. We always uphold the concept of combining modern technology with traditional art. The traditional excellent skills need to be combined with the current science and technology to improve the shortcomings of the past mahogany furniture. In the company's nearly 40 years of mahogany furniture research process, the brand has gradually formed its own unique and ahead of the industry's ecological science and technology industry chain, mahogany culture standard construction and industrial closed-loop ecology. Exclusive research and development of pure physical wood stability treatment technology, the design and production of the pursuit of millimeter-level accuracy, create a new realm of seamless mahogany furniture, and ultimately achieve cross-century collection of objects.

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