IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Omnpak Suitcase Officer Boarding Series


Project Description

The initial impression of the suitcase is the uncluttered look and the striking aesthetic impact of the classic pure white case adorned with black. This is a fundamental message that the designers try to convey to the world, the timeless core of the brand is rooted in its classic design. Positioned on the front of the suitcase, there is a convenient quick-access compartment that allows users to swiftly retrieve items such as laptops, documents, passports, or other valuable and frequently used belongings. This compartment features a separate zipper, making it effortless to open without having to fully unzip the entire suitcase. It is noted that the introduction of this quick-access compartment seamlessly integrates classic design with user-friendly principles, without compromising the overall aesthetic appeal of the suitcase. The front of the suitcase features a user nameplate that can be customized to add a personal touch, such as a unique signature or an personalized graphic. This not only allows the owner to show personal style but also helps traveler easily identify the suitcase. Moreover, the suitcase is equipped with a concealed cup holder at the back, which can pop out if needed. This convenient feature enables traveler to securely place drink containers or other items like umbrellas without the need to hold them or search for a stable surface. The cup holder can be completely folded beneath the suitcase surface with no extra dimensions added.


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