IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Ultra-soft and boundless goose down deep sleep pillow

by Luolai Lifestyle Technology Co., Ltd

Project Description

This ultra-soft boundless goose down deep sleep pillow aims to address issues, such as sagging, insufficient support, and failure to fit the human body, which usually occur in conventional down pillows due to a single filling or poor performance. Inspired by soft and adorable pineapple buns, the pillow features an ergonomic hemispherical shape to better fits the human head, neck, and shoulder while offering just the right support, and boasts crisscrossing three-dimensional grids as independent down-filled chambers to enhance heat retention, resilience and breathability, creative and artistic. Moreover, the product, by incorporating the food element symbolizing warmth and happiness, adds a unique and cozy atmosphere to any home setting.
The pillow, by virtue of its innovative boundless design, avoids harder edges and stitches of conventional counterparts, whereby to minimize discomfort due to long-time rubbing and provide a smoother, softer tactile experience for users. It is composed of three layers made of different premium materials for more effective support, and a better fit. The contact layer adopts skin-friendly 100S Tencel polyester cotton single-layer down-proof fabric to realize a soft, comfortable touch; the comfort layer filled with 95% white goose down makes the product fluffier and softer; the innermost support layer is made of 50D high-density temperature-insensitive memory foam, which can intelligently adapt to the curves of the user’s head and neck, enabling true “zero pressure” sleep. Additionally, the memory foam, employing a special perforated design, boasts the circular head nest zone and the C-shaped side sleeping zone, so as to provide strong support for the head while offering the ear extra care during side sleeping, ensuring that users enjoy comfort and support, regardless of their sleeping positions.

Luolai Lifestyle Technology Co., Ltd

Luolai Lifestyle Technology Co., Ltd is a leading home textile brand operator in China, focusing on the research and development, production and sales of high-quality home products. The company was founded in 1992, owns "Luolai", "LOVO" and other well-known brands, products cover bed kits, core products, home accessories and many other categories. With scientific and technological innovation and excellent design as the core competitiveness, Luolai is committed to providing healthy, comfortable, stylish and elegant home lifestyle solutions, and its services are all over the world, and it is in the industry leading position in product development, supply chain management, marketing network and other aspects.

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