IDPA Japan Design Award

2024 International Design Pioneer Award | Japan Tokyo

Mining area railway exhibition hall

by Wang Qian

Project Description

In the overall design, the museum fully considers the historical characteristics and regional characteristics of railway culture, high starting point planning and high standard design, and strives to achieve: "new", that is, the overall design ideas keep pace with The Times and be bold and innovative; "Bright", that is, the key content uses holographic projection, scene restoration and other vivid expression; Quasi ", that is, in the content organization, simple and accurate;" "Live", that is, the display form can be updated and switched to achieve functional diversification, and strive to show the visual space effect of the exhibition hall and enhance the sense of on-site experience.
The ring screen theater in the exhibition hall uses an ultra-long span multimedia system screen, which can broaden the viewing vision, realize the perfect integration of all-round stereo sound and film plot, and enhance the immersive audio-visual enjoyment.
Showcase design according to the functional needs and characteristics of cultural relics, the use of facade display method, the use of modular processing technology, each showcase to increase the corresponding cultural relics protection equipment, such as electronic thermostat, ammonia environment in the secret room, can be opened by electric wireless remote control.
As a microcosm of the development course of mining area railway, the exhibition hall comprehensively displays the struggle course of railway operators, gratifying achievements and profound changes of mining area railway. The glorious history of these mining area railways highlights the spirit of "especially able to bear hardships, especially able to fight, and especially able to contribute".
Sixty years of vicissitudes, sixty years of wind and rain, sixty years across the rainbow. The exhibition hall is an excellent teaching material for railway cultural theme education, encouraging railway operators to make unremitting efforts to build a "safe and efficient, green and intelligent, and first-class industry" railway transport cause. This is the starting point and landing point for the design and construction of the railway exhibition hall in the mining area!

Wang Qian

Wang Qian, male, Han nationality, born in September 1970, born in Jiaxian, Pingdingshan City. He graduated from Fine Arts Department of Art College of Henan University with a bachelor's degree. Currently, he is an engineer of Henan Wanwan Construction Engineering Co., LTD., a representative of the 12th People's Congress of Pingdingshan City and a member of the Standing Committee of the 10th CPPCC of Weidong District. He has firm ideals and beliefs, lofty professional spirit, superb skills and expertise, and strong innovation ability. He has played an outstanding technical leadership role in the company and made extraordinary achievements in ordinary posts. He has successively won the titles of National excellent designer, Pingdingshan Model Worker, Pingdingshan Decoration Association honest entrepreneur, and Weidong District Excellent CPPCC Member. In 2019, it won the gold medal of Landscape Design category of China Environmental Art Innovation Design Competition, and in 2022, it won the TOP10 Most internationally Influential Famous Designer AWARD of the GPDP AWARD competition of France Two-Face God.

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