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International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

McDonald’s 30th Anniversary Gift Box


Project Description

The inspiration for the gift box comes from the work designed by NYGDESIGN for McDonald's from 2018 to 2020.Once, we built three offline pop-up stores in Shenzhen, China, based on McDonald's classic products "French fries", "cones" and "Big Macs". The three pop-up shops adopt a block-cut style as a whole, adding lighting effects to transparent acrylic materials, like three lights lit in the city, sending warmth to all people passing by, thus arousing people's emotional resonance.
So, this McDonald's 30th anniversary gift box, we continue the design concept of the "McDonald's Three Brothers" pop-up store, and reduce it according to the scale of 1:58, make a table lamp, and continue to accompany in a new way.
The gift box incorporates more creative elements on the basis of striving to replicate.By imitating retro store doors and windows and adding details such as opening and closing door sensor lights, the integrity of the gift box is improved; In terms of production process, we 3D printed three McDonald's lamps, optimizing their proportions, structure and lines, making them more delicate and cute while maintaining McDonald's characteristics. At the same time, we evaluated various aspects such as texture and permeability, and finally selected special paper materials for production, which increased the feel and had practical functions.


NYGDESIGN is a creative assemble team in Shenzhen,and we insist on BE FRESH, fresh one step of good ideas,for customers in the fields of catering, technology, new consumption to output high-quality design and fresh ideas in three major scenarios: brand strategy and communication, space experience, and cultural and creative peripherals.We are committed to letting more creative seeds sprout in the Great Bay Area and promote the cultural oasis of Shenzhen and even the Great Bay Area.

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