IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

BKT Posture Supporting Chair (Panda style)

by Guangzhou Huachuantingyu Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

Project Description

This is an ergonomic chair with a light shape and soft touch. The design applies the scientific mechanical principles and realizes the "trinity" from the three parts of the back, waist and buttocks to share the pressure of sitting posture. The back is naturally straight, and sitting for a long time will not be tiring. This chair is a huge boon for the "sedentary people". While ensuring user-friendliness and quality, the product is portable, and users can place it according to their needs and enjoy the ultimate convenience.
Compared with ordinary seats, this product uses the principle of leverage. It supports the waist when sitting to ensure the stability of the posture. By supporting the waist, the seat can assist in forming a correct sitting posture, appearing a natural waistline; by wrapping the buttocks, the product can support the buttocks to maintain a stable sitting posture. Realizing the "trinity" from the back, waist and buttocks, this ergonomic concept provides users with a good experience, and it also broadens new ideas for the industry.
With an excellent vent circulation system, air circulation between the body and the seat can be easily achieved, effectively maintaining air circulation and assisting heat dissipation. Users will not feel stuffy after sitting for a long time. Even if it is used in summer, the user will not feel dull and can sit comfortably, greatly improving the user experience.

Guangzhou Huachuantingyu Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

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