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International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

The First Beacon Tower of the Great Wall of China -Multifunctional Coal Artwork of Zhenbeitai

by Yulin Media Center

Project Description

The First Beacon Tower of the Great Wall of China -Multifunctional Coal Artwork of Zhenbeitai:
Coal, also known as “Black Gold" and "Sunstone". The coal formed 200 million years ago in the Jurassic period of Yulin, China, accounts for one-fifth of the national coal reserves, and according to records, there are traces of the use of coal in the Yulin area as early as the ancient Warring States period. Zhenbeitai, the first beacon tower of the Great Wall of China, was a military fortress with the role of a beacon and a defensive castle in ancient wars, and the Qingongcheng under its foot was a distribution center for border trade. This Coal Artwork is made of coal, coal concentrate and new activated carbon, restoring the original appearance of Zhenbeitai-the first beacon tower of the Great Wall of China, which has both practical functions such as aromatherapy, brush holder, ink stone, paperweight, air purification and desk office supplies. The shape of the Zhenbeitai multifunctional Coal Artwork is surrounded by a filigree gold edge process, which is one of the traditional crafts of ancient gold work. Filigree is a process in which fine gold, silver or other metal wires are pinched and soldered to the object in accordance with the curvature and twist of the ink pattern. Filigree enamel originated in Persia (present-day Iran) and matured in the fifth and sixth centuries. It spread from Persia to Arabia and the Eastern Roman Empire, and then to China in the Liao Dynasty. Both the carving and the filigree techniques are Chinese national intangible cultural heritage and are highly collectible. Moreover, this cultural and creative product won China's national gold medal at the China Tourism Commodity Competition in 2021, and will become a healthy and environmentally friendly product for international promotion.

Yulin Media Center

Yulin Media Center of Shaanxi Province, China is the only municipal news agency directly under the CPC Yulin Municipal Committee, with the level of county-level establishment, public welfare class II institutions, formed by the integration of Yulin Daily News, Yulin Radio and Television, and the former Yulin News Network. There are 500 cadres and workers in service. There are 36 internal institutions, and Yulin Xinxin Media Limited Liability Company and Yulin Daily Publishing Limited Liability Company are under the center's jurisdiction. Yulin Media Center has built two newspapers including Yulin Daily and Yulin Edition of Sanqin Radio and TV News; one magazine named Shaanxi North Literature; two sets of TV programs of Yulin Radio and Television; three radio frequencies including FM99.4 News General Radio, FM95.9 Traffic and Literature Radio and FM101 Life Information Radio; two websites including Yulin Net and Yulin Cultural and Creative Design Contest Net; one client named Yulin Release ; one learning platform of Xuexi Qiangguo; one Xuexi Qiangguo account; three Weibo accounts including Yulin Daily, Yulin TV, Yulin Net; four WeChat official accounts including Yulin Daily, Yulin Release, Yulin TV, Shaanxi North Literature; 7 short form video platform accounts including TikTok, KUAISHOU, Xigua Video,TouTiao , WeChat Channels, Tencent WESEE; three TouTiao accounts including Yulin Media Center, Yulin Fresh News, Play Yulin, etc., a total of 30 communication platforms of all media news units, the total number of users exceeded 14.8 million. The total reading volume of the whole media exceeds 2 billion times, and the role of the main position and main channel of the new media is more reinforced.

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