IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Antifungal quick cleaning electric rice cooker

by Japan Noason Group Co., Limited

Project Description

This is an ultra portable light electric rice cooker. The multi-functional cooking supports lazy meal and various nutritious recipes, easy to understand. While focusing on convenience, it uses a mold proof shell to easily solve the cleaning problem. It also has intelligent human-computer interaction functions such as appointment time and menu selection, and multiple details such as customized constant temperature and non stick heating plate, which provides consumers with a convenient lifestyle to a great extent. It is equipped with an anti dry burning alarm to ensure the safety of users' daily use.
The comman cookers are not waterproof, and the places that are inconvenient to clean are prone to mildew and stink, and aflatoxin in them can lead to human poisoning. This rice cooker is originally designed with a mildew proof shell, which is corrosion resistant, anti-aging, no yellowing, and can be used and renewed for a long time, and has passed the Swiss SGS anti mildew certification. The integrated structure of the screen and the body is adopted with the seamless design to completely eliminate the dirt accumulated in the gaps between the traditional screen and the body, and the surface is as smooth as jade porcelain, which can be easily scrubbed. The liner is coated with white ceramic glaze, and dirt can be seen easily, which is convenient for users to targeted cleaning. It is made of high-quality PP material, which is antibacterial and mildew resistant. Its antibacterial rate can reach 99%, focusing on the health of users.

Japan Noason Group Co., Limited

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