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International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

‘Marine sky’ of Shanghai Concert Hall

by Nan Lee

Projet Description

Shanghai culture meets British afternoon tea
A unique modern experience in the magic capital
Shanghai Concert Hall, formerly known as Nanjing Grand Theater, was built in 1930, renamed Beijing Cinema in 1950, and then renamed Shanghai Concert Hall in 1959. After translation, expansion and repair, the Shanghai Concert Hall is presented to the world with a brand-new look. It mainly includes two areas: the cultural preservation area and the non-cultural preservation area. The cultural preservation areas are repaired as old, maintaining an elegant and solemn classical style, while non-cultural preservation areas are modern and concise.
As the first concert hall in China, Shanghai Concert Hall has always been one of the centers of music activities in Shanghai. In addition to music performances, Shanghai Concert Hall keeps pace with the times and keeps bringing forth new ideas, allowing the public to have more chance to contact with music and walk into the concert hall. "Sea Blue" afternoon tea is one of them.
"Sea Blue" afternoon tea is set up in the West Hall and East Hall of the Cultural Preservation Area of Shanghai Concert Hall . The West Hall and East Hall are the main passages of the Concert Hall Grand Theater. The audience must go through each performance, and the afternoon tea business must be avoided the performance. time. There used to be a coffee bar in the west area, with a large area of dark wood veneer walls, dark marble bar countertops, and light-colored marble floors. The overall environment is solemn and tough, which is far from the elegant and warm atmosphere of the coffee bar. How to create an elegant British afternoon tea atmosphere in the aisle space without changing the original decoration, and at the same time, it is necessary to minimize the time for operators to carry and rearrange the layout. This is the main problem to be solved in the soft decoration design.
By choosing elegant and lightweight furnitures, lamps, high-quality velvet cloth and wool carpets, classical and simple patterns and clever matching of colors, the designer nancy creates an afternoon tea space that integrates with the indoor environment: a century-old building has both accumulated the modernity and nobility of Shanghai,which also has the delicacy and warmth of modern life. When the audiences being in the European-style building of nearly 100 years, they can taste a delicate British afternoon tea.

Nan Lee

Nancy is the founder & design director of Shanghai L&D Interior Design Co., Ltd and she was invited designer of Shanghai Dragon TV's "Dream Transformer". She graduated from Chelsea College University of the Arts London majoring in "Interior and Space Design" and getting a master's degree. She is a Senior Interior Designer of China Interior Decoration Association (CIDA) , and a member of International Inte-rior Design Association (FIF), and an international Senior registered interior designer of IRIDA.
Working for many years, Nancy has finished many outstanding works. The design awards she has won include: the French "GPDP AWARD" International Design Inno-vation Design Award, the French DNA Paris Design Award Office Winner, the only global award in the French DNA Paris Design Award, the French DNA Paris Design Award Residential Honorable Mention Honorable Mention, the Italian A' Design Award Gold Award, and the 2019 Influential TOP 100 , Asia Pacific Space Design Awards won the "Top Ten Most Influential Designers", IDPA China-Japan Interna-tional Design Pioneer Competition Gold Award, Office Silver Award, China Display Art Design Competition Gold Award, IF International Design Award, BEST 100 Inte-rior Design Award, China Interior Design "Jintang Award", EDIDA International De-sign Award, International Architecture and Interior Design "Golden Bund Award", China Architectural Interior Design Golden Block Cup ۰ Excellence Award, APDC Asia Pacific Interior Design Award, A&D Award Asia Real Estate Design Award, IAI Best Design Award, (Asia) Design Innovation Conference "Golden Wa Award", 40UNDER40 National General List - China Design Outstanding Youth Award, etc.

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