IDPA Japan Design Award

Zhi Zhen He Xian

by Zheng Zhou

Projet Description

The project is located on the second floor of Yongwei Times, Jinye Road, Yanta District, design philosophy: Chinese red is a strong feeling in the hearts of the Chinese people, bright and pure, warm and full of vitality.How to make the western Sichuan style dark color attached with a touch of Chinese red.Is the main direction of this plan

Zheng Zhou

Xi'an LiaoFan Space Design Co., LTD Design Director
Registered designer of China Architectural Decoration Association
gain distinction:
Excellence Award of 2015 Design New Star Competition;
2016-2017 China Top 50 Outstanding Young Designers;
2018 Milan Nest Prize Award nomination;
In 2018, the design works were published in the building guest Xi'an boutique case column;
Main works:
KuanRiver Fresh Hall (Qujiang Store)
Jiangzuo River Fresh Hall
Thirteen Jin River fresh hall
Zhi Zhen He Xian

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