IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Zhi Zhen He Xian

by Zheng Zhou

Projet Description

The project is located on the second floor of Yongwei Times, Jinye Road, Yanta District, design philosophy: Chinese red is a strong feeling in the hearts of the Chinese people, bright and pure, warm and full of vitality.How to make the western Sichuan style dark color attached with a touch of Chinese red.Is the main direction of this plan

Zheng Zhou

Xi'an LiaoFan Space Design Co., LTD Design Director
Registered designer of China Architectural Decoration Association
gain distinction:
Excellence Award of 2015 Design New Star Competition;
2016-2017 China Top 50 Outstanding Young Designers;
2018 Milan Nest Prize Award nomination;
In 2018, the design works were published in the building guest Xi'an boutique case column;
Main works:
KuanRiver Fresh Hall (Qujiang Store)
Jiangzuo River Fresh Hall
Thirteen Jin River fresh hall
Zhi Zhen He Xian

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