IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

The dignity of the gentleman

by Zhu Yan

Projet Description

The living space could reflect personal taste and living style. The costumer of this case is a single gentleman who has got success in his business, racing and aerial photography is his biggest hobby, then fascinating black has become synonymous with this space style. From the entrance of hall, you can see the great horizontal-wide living and dining areas, which connect the double balconies in the south direction, and the moving line is simple and clear. When the designer shapes the style of the entire space, she uses different materials to reflect the black of different brightness and temperature, and when the light shine into the overall space to create shining and shadows, the color layers are stacked, and the depth is brought out by walking through the space. The owner of this apartment has strong personality, and he engaged in the automotive industry, and the cool personality is extremely inclusive of color, so the bedroom and bathroom space are also black, with a dark brick surface with a rough skin and a matte texture to give the space background, and the bathroom items are different from the light surface, but they can be more prominent. Although cool black is the style of the overall space, as a community where rationality and sensibility coexist, throughout the project, the designer reflects the emotions of gentleman's character through the characteristics of materials. Silky curtains, warm and heavy stone skin, light and bright pure color paint, etc., abandoning the current popular rock slabs, metals, marble, the more primitive the material, the purer the feelings, fully reflecting the owner's taste and pursuit of home, the understanding of lifestyle.

Zhu Yan

Partner and Design Director of Liyang J M Z Decoration
She is a member of China Interior Decoration Association
International commercial art designer
The 12th Daikin Interior Best Design Award
2021 9th Golden Creative International Design Awards (Character Award: Top 10 Innovative Designers of the Year_)

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