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International Design Pioneer Award

Longhe daxigu villa model room

by Shanghai Dingpeng Architectural Interior Design Co. , Ltd

Projet Description

Literati’s villa, a fairy abode on the mountain
With the reverence for nature, an oriental mysterious place far away from the mundane world has been created, abandoning all superfluous and complicated decorations. The dwellers can return to real life. They are back to the inner idyll from the reality of the landscape, sublimating the soul through internalization. Being embraced by nature allows people to get away from their busy lives to create their own mountain residence.
Smoke curls upward with the wind outlining a tranquil and quiet life.
Light and shadow intertwine. It’s indifferent and tranquil. Condensed lines portray a delicate texture in the brightness and transparency.

CHAPTER1 – Balance of modernity and tradition Life has two sides. One faces outward, generating unlimitedly; the other faces inward, private and perfect. This is life, so is architecture. When you are tired of the noise of the city and long for the symphony of mountains and idyll, the prelude of life starts.
White walls, brickwork and green tiles present the characteristics of Huizhou Architecture and Jiangnan Culture implanting the aesthetic elements of modern life. By balancing between modernity and tradition, it creates an immersive natural and leisure lifestyle.
Enjoy the scenery of four seasons and savor their flavor. Slow down. Breathe deeply. Feel the life of ease. Walk into the landscape of lakes and mountains to explore a colorful life.
CHAPTER2 – Observing quietly to enjoy nature —
The movable screen in the tea room separates the space effectively, which connects with the surroundings without disturbing each other, forming a semi-open private space and ensuring the overall interactivity and independence. In the area of “Tea table at one side”, a place of meditation has been created with an atmosphere of culture and quality.
CHAPTER3 – Glance back at tranquil and cozy bedrooms
The project has built low-density villas for families of three and four generations. Depending on the mountainous terrains, it creates a rolling mountain-living image with great scenery and adequate living space for each household. Each villa realizes the separation of living and resting areas. Natural and rattan materials are chosen for furnishing, which presents a natural living paradise to the owner.
The master bedroom is decorated with Mr. Muzhang Zheng’s art. “Stones are the bones of nature.” In Mr. Zheng’s writing, the stones become the perspective center shallowly and straightforwardly rather than hiding in mountains or lakes. Through the free-flowing of ink, it is displaying vigor and unpredictable charm of life.
This bedroom is plainly colored with less decoration. It is the beauty of “A lotus flower just appearing above water”, borrowing from Mr. Baihua Zong’s words. When you are back to the undisturbed rest space from a busy day, it’s necessary to face yourself with a spacious, quiet and honest heart.
The second bedroom is decorated with a combination of wood, bamboo and linen, representing nature’s most rustic elements, which has a dual style of restrained lines and warmth and softness for the space design. White spaces of the walls and wall decorations further echo the concept of no-self in Zen. Families can enjoy their leisure time through flower planting and fish feeding. Lying on the bed leisurely. Being away from profound mysteries, enjoy the ease of nature.
The design of the daughter’s bedroom is simple and elegant. Through the wooden floor, the gray tones symbolizing the sun, moon and stars as well as the soft and cozy bed, she can feel the existence of life and nature. Examine one’s true heart and then let go of everything to reward herself with truly peaceful and deep sleep.
In Yu Chang’s paintings, scenes of distant and vast skies, oceans, or deserts which are always in company with extremely small objects, one or two horses, elephants, fish, or trees, blurring in the boundless landscape. The contrast of the infinitely large and the self-loss small brings shock to the simplicity of the picture. “I paint first, and then simplify it, further simplify it…” Those animals walk alone in the vast and empty background becoming smaller and smaller, which is like a drop in the ocean. Yu Chang’s works are full of the Zen of “no-self”. As if he doesn’t care about wherever he goes, revealing the leisure of “Observing quietly to enjoy nature”. He guards his own simple tranquil world.
Fresh colors and the alive circle in the children’s room constitute a wonderfully imaginative world for kids. Back to the rustic nature of the space, the whole atmosphere becomes cozy and relaxing through its low profile and realistic texture differences.
CHATER4 – Gathering characters of gentleness and elegance —
Step down to the basement, the space is simple but with a warm touch. The art chandeliers at the bar counter are arranged symmetrically, which naturally divides the semi-open space.
A clean and neat, gentle and elegant frame structure has been applied, creating a sense of ceremony to life. Life isn’t all about survival. It can also be an interesting and profound “existence”.
Tea and wine, static and dynamic;
; Mild and strong;
One tastes bitter followed by sweet; the other tastes pure followed by the aroma.
Tea represents Zen and Taoism; wine has the characteristics of Confucianism and chivalry.
We explore the lifestyle of modern housing through people-oriented thinking to return to real needs. In a way, the villa opens the world for the dwellers. Start from where you are, joys will germinate.

Shanghai Dingpeng Architectural Interior Design Co. , Ltd
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