IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Chongqing Radiance Group Sales offices


Projet Description

The attributes of space have been changing with the changes of the times. In ancient times, the meaning of a space was to store, live, and shelter from wind and rain. In the modern commercial society, apartment buildings for living, ShoppingMall for shopping, and sales centers as sales vehicles appeared. Therefore, in this sales office, we will create a multifunctional space that integrates nature, art, sharing, and coffee. The location of this case is in a very inclusive new city, Chongqing. Due to its geographical environment, Chongqing has a high coverage rate of green plants, so we apply these characteristics in our plan. In the past, the sales office people saw was always full of strong marketing atmosphere, and no one cared about its spatial composition or function. This time, we broke the convention, took "community creation" as the starting point, and created a WYSIWYG innovative space around the beautiful lifestyle of urban dwellers. For example, we will set up real books, coffee, and things that can be used in the children's area in the space.



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