IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Shenyang Longhu Yunsong Sales Office

by Doozy Design

Projet Description

Design is the act of choosing according to local conditions. Architecture gives the space the characteristics of harmony, and the soft decoration design gives the space connotation and creates a new way of life. A kind of poetic spread, in the game of space structure and scale, hidden power bursts out of nature, and the contradiction between volume and lightness converges, activating a series of subtle reactions. Vivid vision and rich perception guide us to explore the aesthetics of urban life.

Doozy Design

大 倉 设计成立于 2012 年。基于对地产的项目分析和成本分析,强调室内设计的整体配套,注重功能、贴近

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