IDPA Japan Design Award

2024 International Design Pioneer Award | Japan Tokyo


by Hangzhou KENE Creative Design Co.Ltd

Project Description

Established in 1855 in Brussels, Belgium, the heartland of diamonds, Leysen is a bespoke jewelry brand that has served European royalty and has been honored with the title of "Royal Jewellery Supplier" in Belgium.
Our emblem, inspired by the Belgian royal family and cultural history, is an iris - a symbol of royalty in French culture and a flower known for its spiritual significance. This choice reflects our deep influence by French culture.
Our brand color, a youthful and vibrant shade of blue, has been subtly refined to enhance its value and purity. We've also incorporated lighter materials and shapes in our designs, ensuring our brand story and illustrations align closely with the traditional style and tonality of a jewelry shop.
We've taken a youthful approach in our color scheme, modeling, and style, aiming to make the shop stand out in the industry. We aspire for this brand image to be competitive and differentiated, could set a new standard in the industry.

Hangzhou KENE Creative Design Co.Ltd

Hangzhou KENE Creative Design Co., established in 2019, is dedicated to offering comprehensive brand identity services for retail brands. We at KENE Creative Design are always market-oriented, shaping brand standards through a blend of strategic planning, creativity, design, and implementation. Our approach is rooted in aligning with the brand's current strategic objectives, clearly articulating the core appeal at its current stage, delivering precise visual communication, and crafting a logical spatial layout. This results in an efficient brand identity project. Our commitment is to create the best brand design that is most suitable for our clients.

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