IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Guli Coffee

by Yang Ge

Project Description

Guli Coffee is a place that blends traditional and modern Zen concepts, and its philosophy is deeply rooted in China's ancient health culture. Here, not only the aroma of coffee is diffused, but also the charm of China-Chic, which interweaves the rich taste of grains and grains with the profound flavor of coffee, leading new youth to a healthy and elegant life.

Yang Ge

Mr. Yang Ge has over a decade of design experience, having worked in architectural design, interior design, and design management for real estate companies. He firmly believes that truly successful design is the perfect combination of high quality and attention to detail brought by architecture and interior design. In the design of the project, we adhere to the two-way consideration of architecture and indoor space, and design the plane from the perspective of streamline, aiming to achieve a people-oriented effect.

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