IDPA Japan Design Award

2024 International Design Pioneer Award | Japan Tokyo


by Liekkas Design Studio

Project Description

Warm oak floors, paint and woodgrain accents, travertine accents, and a variety of artistic furnishings with open connections between the different spaces create a classic atmosphere in this home that transcends time and style. The proportions of vintage and modern, with matching materials, shapes and new design ideas, give the home a modern yet classic feel.
The designers have skilfully balanced opposing elements: masculine and feminine, straight and curved, modern and classical, technological and primitive ...... Exploring the fusion of modern appliances, structural frameworks with natural materials, sophisticated perspectives and artistic temperament, the design captures a serene ambience while projecting a warm home atmosphere.

Liekkas Design Studio

Liekkas Design Studio is committed to artistic, aesthetic and personalised private home design, customising a unique and ideal space for the owner, so that the home becomes a unique expression of the owner's personal character and interest in life. We insist on exploring and practicing in space design to define the quality of space. We provide overall design services and solutions, tailor-made for the owners of the exclusive style. From the preliminary demand planning, design solutions to the process of implementation and landing, the maximum guarantee landing.

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