IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Landscape Development and Environmental Art Improvement of Jiuzhou Pond of Luoyang City in Sui and Tang Dynasties

by L&A Design

Projet Description

Luoyang is China’s only “double inscription” city. It responds to the national “Silk Road Economic Belt Strategic Concept” and vigorously develops the Central Plains Cultural Demonstration Zone. The site of Luoyang City in the Sui and Tang Dynasties is a famous royal garden in the period of Empress Wu Zetian in the Tang Dynasty. It is currently a key landmark project in Luoyang City and has received the attention of the public.
Jiuzhou Pool, as the Imperial Garden of Luoyang, the capital of the Tang Dynasty, belongs to the core exhibition area of the palace relics. The project aims to develop the site according to previous archaeological restoration. The Jiuzhou Pool serves as the center, forms an axis sequence with Mingtang District and Tiantang District to jointly show the prosperous scene of Luoyang City in the Sui and Tang Dynasties, adding the charm of the ancient capital and reflecting the cultural connotation. The design is mainly focused on on-site display, greening and leisure, and cultural tourism.
As Mr. Li Baozhang said, “Chinese culture is being renovated based on continuous inheritance. The Jiuzhou Pond Garden must express the culture of the Tang Dynasty, and more importantly, it must be understood and used by today’s people.” This is also the spirit of Jiuzhou Pond’s design.

L&A Design

L&A Design (Stock Code: 300949)  is one of the leading cultural and creative companies dedicated to land planning, urban design, landscape architecture and resort planning in China. L&A was established in the year of 2001. Mr. Bo Li was responsible as Chief Designer until now. Ms. Clara Li joined L&A in 2002. Under her leadership, L&A has established branch offices in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, Xi'an, Qingdao, Chengdu, Changsha, Zhengzhou, Wuhan, Guangzhou, Chongqing, Hangzhou, Tianjin, Dongguan, Jinan, Haikou, Suzhou,Shenyang and Xiamen, also sub-brand “La V-onderland” ”Floral Fairyland”. Together they serve clients all over the great region of China. Till now L&A has accomplished about 4000 reputable landscape and urban design projects in China with many won national awards. L&A takes pride in its dynamic international design team, with over 1700 professionals from all over the world, as well as experienced local registered architects, landscape architects, planners and project managers.

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