IDPA Japan Design Award

Xuan Yu

by 21 Design

Projet Description

We built a house to hold the memories of childhood and to welcome the dreams of the future.
Faced with a bungalow that had been built on the ground for decades, we needed to completely demolish and rebuild it. There are two main elements and one key point of view for exterior consideration. One element is to satisfy the three generations together as much as possible within the limited building area, and the other is the high coordination of the left and right neighbors. The biggest key is how to create a building that is understated and introverted from a distance, but has its own distinctive appearance when viewed up close.
After fully studying the laws of orientation and light, we accomplished the above design mission through the relationship between building volume and light. In the character scenario, we create a comfortable home that fits the local flavor and humanistic atmosphere through architectural sightlines and the integrated use of old and new materials.
When the architectural design and the interior scenario give way to each other, it is as if we can see the family members, different generations, looking after each other. This is a loving family house built by a son for his parents, and it is also a carrier of transmission and inheritance between different generations of the family.
The building is the shell of a miniature world, while the interior is a unique world that can only be felt when you step inside.

21 Design

Two people, with the same heart, do a good job of private house design. This is the original intention of the two founders of 21 Design to name 21 Design.
21 Design was founded in 2008. Now, we have passed 14 years and entered the second stage of growth. In this second phase, our common goal is to create more loving homes for more people!

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