IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

INOGI-Revolution series

by Nanjing Yinuoji Medical Technology Co.,Ltd.

Projet Description

INOGI-R1 is the world’s first medical micro oxygen concentrator with a maximum oxygen flow of 6L/min. This innovative micro compressor, an integration of all the functions of comparable 20kg products, is more compact and multi-functional. Weighing just 1.8kg, it is portable and can be held by hand. Also, the top edge of the product is less than 7cm wide for easy one-handed gripping. Powered merely by electricity, it can access oxygen of more than 90% concentration. The self-developed “micro-pressure control analysis technology” can be used at high-pressure or low-temperature. It features fast charging and long battery life, allowing more scenario applications, such as at high altitudes (over 5000m) or in low temperature environments (-40°C), which gives users extra feeling of safety. Equipped with an intelligent operating system and a MAAS system, it allows for early warning and health advice. Being lightweight, medical level and intelligent, INGOI-R1 has been selling up a storm and garnered consumers’ favour due to high performance and affordable price.

Nanjing Yinuoji Medical Technology Co.,Ltd.

Nanjing Yinuoji Medical Technology Co., Ltd. mainly develops and produces high-end medical devices. The R&D team spent 4 years to overcome a number of technical difficulties and developed a medical grade ultra-small oxygen concentrator, breaking the monopoly of foreign products in the industry and filling the gap of domestic ultra-small high-altitude ultra-low temperature medical grade portable oxygen concentrator supply.
The product is not only used for medical treatment, but also can be used in many fields such as health care, plateau travel, sports support and so on; It mainly serves the elderly, children, pregnant women, sub-health white-collar workers, students and other groups.
At present, the company mainly exports overseas for COVID-19 and traditional cardiopulmonary therapy, and the market prospect is huge.
The team has applied for a total of 47 patents and intellectual property rights. The INOGI ultra-small oxygen concentrator is the lightest high-concentration portable oxygen concentrator in the world (1.8kg 90%+ concentration 6L/min pulse flow).

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