IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

La Magnifique Mansion Wuhan


Projet Description

Since mankind became wise, from ancient Chinese mythology to Copernicus's heliocentric theory, we have never stopped imagining the starry sky and the universe. From the birth of Hubble, the world's first space telescope in 1990, to the Tianwen-1 spacecraft that is about to land on Mars, we have become more and more curious about extraterrestrial planets and life. At this moment, on the edge of the solar system, the lone Voyager 1 will continue to move forward and explore the unknown.
According to the comet's orbit and comet tail given by astronomers, the designer collages the space with different elliptical shapes to form an irregular three-dimensional space structure. Define the entire scene so that all walkers can immediately feel the design intent.
It does not matter what the black hole itself is. We hope that through this concept and the expression of design language, people will perceive the existence of a "horizon". When you stand in front of the "black hole" we set up, if you can generate some attraction, or even have an urge to snoop, take some time to think about how to escape the shackles of life itself. Looking at the world from another angle, life will immediately come alive.
Throughout the space, our designers incorporated the concept of "mirror universe" into the design, giving the "super-dimensional" space in the movie screen a concrete imagination. It is hoped that we can break through the gravity field of life here and start a meditational time travel.


鲲誉设计始创于2003 年,专注室内空间和陈设艺术的设计与研究,致力于为客户提供以室内设计为核心的全面设计解决方案,是一间提供全方位室内设计的设计咨询服务机构。针对不同的项目提供完整的市场定位、设计规划以及贯穿整个项目施工过程中的施工图设计、现场管理以及各种部门验收阶段的服务。

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