IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Green Hills Scenery Residence Kunming


Projet Description

Water is the source of life, but where does water come from, how does water nurture life and create the diversity of species, and what kind of philosophical thinking does it bring to us?
Our human footsteps never stop. On this blue planet, we are always exploring the meaning of life. At the same time, human beings, as the masters of the earth, are constantly thinking and self-reflection, how to use human wisdom to summarize the philosophy and philosophical thinking of a good life, and explore the present and the future.
We hope to express our thinking in this space, so that more entrants can explore the logic of life and the meaning of life with us with curiosity. Let everyone gather in this energy field that explains the relationship between life and life, and think about the present and the future.
After hundreds of millions of years of creation, water has nurtured life and created a rich life form. Because of the abundance and dryness of water on the earth, it has become an important basis for biodiversity. The interval between 20 degrees -30 degrees north latitude is the most representative interval of the world's biodiversity. And Yunnan happens to lie here, coupled with extremely rich landforms, from snow-capped mountains, meadows to rain forests, it has created the best model of biodiversity on the map of China.
Here we have seen more life nurtured by water, and discovered more intimate relationships between water and nature, the rich kingdom of animals and plants, and people.


鲲誉设计始创于2003 年,专注室内空间和陈设艺术的设计与研究,致力于为客户提供以室内设计为核心的全面设计解决方案,是一间提供全方位室内设计的设计咨询服务机构。针对不同的项目提供完整的市场定位、设计规划以及贯穿整个项目施工过程中的施工图设计、现场管理以及各种部门验收阶段的服务。

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