IDPA Japan Design Award

2024 International Design Pioneer Award | Japan Tokyo


by MU Interior Design

Project Description

A gym, a yoga classroom, and a kitchen to prepare light meals are combined in this multi-functional office layout to offer employees spaces for relaxation and stress relief. By keeping the original height of the space, a generous visual depth is opened. Circular traffic flows, glass partitions and diagonal display cabinets delineate the public areas. A clear and unobstructed view eliminates the compactness of the office. Materials like metals, mirrors, coatings, and LED strips inject a modern atmosphere. A sense of warmth can be added to the free-spirited space by incorporating wood elements, such as grilles, wood stairs, and solid wood tables.
A straight corridor at the entrance extends the vision. On the left side, greenery softens the abruptness of the structural columns. In the middle, the metal mesh fence gives a partial view of the space while maintaining adequate privacy and extending the vision. The dining area is located right in the center of the space. The length of the desktop is purposely enlarged to bring colleagues together for better communication. Meanwhile, it can also serve as a mobile office. An office is no longer a fixed layout. The extended kitchen countertop allows colleagues to enjoy cooking together. The dark-colored frames and curved shapes, together with the interior handmade paint, large solid wood table and bright furniture, break away from the continuity of style and reveal the independence of fields in their ambiguous boundaries. Behind the dining area is the office. Unlike the traditional neat configuration, an oblique seating arrangement adds layers to the view. In the corner of the space, a stadium classroom offers employees a place to learn new knowledge together. Wood elements accentuate the casual atmosphere and loosen the serious atmosphere associated with "meetings". Unlike the configuration of individual seats, the stadium design not only increases the number of people accommodated but also allows them to have a wide viewing range. On the second floor, a small reading area is in front of the yoga classroom. Warm light scatters from the bottom. Under the light and accompanied by wood accents, the mind gradually unwinds.

MU Interior Design

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