IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

V6 Intelligence fitness chair

by Flexisport Inc(Xiang Lehong,Ye Haoyu,Xia Chenhui,Zhao Dajiang)

Project Description

Product Introduction: The V6 fitness office chair is an office sports product that integrates the design of a fitness bike and office chair to solve the problem of sedentary work hazards for professional office workers. Committed to meeting the needs of the health market, promoting the beautiful vision of global health, adhering to the concept of healthy and efficient research and development design, innovating and optimizing traditional office and lifestyle.
Design Innovation:
In the workplace, prolonged sitting has become a high risk factor for illness among professionals. Due to the lack of equipment and limited space, as well as busy work schedules, a lack of exercise among professionals has become an inevitable result. To improve this situation, the design team cleverly integrated the two scenarios of "fitness+office" and proposed two goals: lightweight fitness and healthy office. The traditional form and function of office chairs have been expanded in an innovative way, integrating the design of bicycles and ergonomic chairs to create a novel fitness office chair, fully enhancing the coordination and interaction between "fitness" and "office". Guide users to exercise during fragmented time in their daily work and life, improve the convenience and comfort of exercise, and effectively prevent and reduce the risk of occupational diseases.
Design innovation points:
1. The clever integration of lightweight fitness and healthy office work;
2. Innovative expansion of traditional office chair forms and functions;
3. Improve the convenience and comfort of aerobic exercise with fragmented time in daily work and life;

Flexisport Inc(Xiang Lehong,Ye Haoyu,Xia Chenhui,Zhao Dajiang)

Flexispot Inc is a company that focuses on providing innovative office furniture and health solutions, creating a comfortable and efficient working environment for customers, and providing products such as lifting tables and office chairs to help alleviate the health problems caused by long-term sitting and improve work efficiency. In addition to product innovation, we also provide personalized customization services to meet the needs of different industries and individuals. We strive to create an ideal home office environment, provide customers with high-quality products and services, become a trusted partner, improve the quality of work and life, and bring health and happiness.
In terms of awards and honors: the company has won the IDA American International Design Gold Award, the IDEA American Excellent Industrial Design Award, DIA China Design Intelligence Award, the American MUSE Platinum Award, the China Contemporary Good Design Award, the Chicago Neocon Office Furniture Award, the SIT Swiss Furniture Design Award and many other international awards.

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