IDPA Japan Design Award

2024 International Design Pioneer Award | Japan Tokyo

Outdoor Camping Lights

by Zhejiang Ada Outdoor Products Co., Ltd.

Project Description

Most of traditional outdoor camping equipment features a bulky, heavy body and only has a single function, which seriously affects people’s outdoor experience. In response, this compact-sized, easy-to-operate lamp innovates a telescopic structure, a foldable design, detachable light panels and magnetic hooks, able to act as a flashlight, a desktop light, an emergency light, a camping light, etc., which aims to liberate the product from a single scenario, offering users a comprehensive portable outdoor lighting solution. Thanks to its ingenious telescopic structure and foldable design, this lamp integrates various functions together in a compact body, which can be held just with one hand, which significantly enhances its portability, and avoids messy cables through the high integration of power and light sources, ensuring maximum ease of use and safety. In this way, the product can easily fit in a backpack, ideal for outdoor activities such as camping, outdoor adventures and road trips. To meet diverse lighting needs of users, the light panels, by virtue of adjustable hooks, can form a 15° or 30° angle with the pole to change the angle of light, so as to provide optimal illumination. Each light panel can be detached for separate use, and adopts the magnetic design on both sides. This not only enables three panels side by side for 180° illumination to increase the lighting coverage, but also allows for flexible combinations and deployments (hanging on trees/tents, sticking to metal, etc.) to create a dynamic matrix lighting system. Additionally, this lamp can be extended up to 1.3m, and supports two color temperatures as well as light level three, whereby users can flexibly adjust the height, brightness and angle of light for multiple purposes. In terms of security, the product is equipped with a tripod base and supports a 360° lighting range to offer more obvious and eye-catching warnings in the case of vehicle failure at night, which, compared with traditional hand-held warning lights, minimizes security threats. The lamp also gives full consideration to complex outdoor environments. The tripod base with mounting holes is easy to be fixed by branches or nails, preventing the product from shaking or even toppling on slopes or in strong winds; the built-in 5000mAh portable battery features high endurance, and can charge phones in an emergency; the application of high-strength, waterproof, low temperature resistant aluminum alloy and ABS+PC prolongs the service life, and is highly adaptable to harsh conditions; the hidden handle can be rotated and pulled out, which further improves the portability, more suitable for outdoor travel.

Zhejiang Ada Outdoor Products Co., Ltd.

Zhejiang Ada Outdoor Products Co., Ltd. was established in 2018, located in the "hardware capital" -- Yongkang, Zhejiang. Is a professional engaged in roof tent set design, production and sales as one of the comprehensive modern enterprises. The company has introduced a number of advanced automatic production lines, processing centers and leading industry testing equipment; Committed to creating a first-class product quality roof tent enterprise. At present, we have more than 200 employees, and the annual output value is over 100 million yuan. Our products are exported to more than 20 countries such as Europe and America. The company with strong technical strength and skilled and stable excellent management team and strict quality control system, make the company's products by domestic and foreign markets welcome and trust.

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