IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award


by Xiamen Kedixing Children's Products Co., Ltd.

Project Description

KIDS.ING Ark is an innovative sole in the industry, inspired by Noah's Ark in the fairy tale. Through the modular design of three-dimensional structure and ergonomics, the broad ship shape is full of lines and dynamic. The anti-skid negative at the hair force is combined with a new generation of high-end soft materials, which has both anti-twist and anti-skid properties, so as to better protect children's joints. It is integrated cushioning module of brand IP Weird Happy Star, which has excellent rebound performance, reduces the walking pressure, makes it more light and comfortable, and improves the visual recognition. With its unique texture, it is like stepping on clouds, making running more comfortable and traveling easier.
Designers:Lin Meijun, Yu Zhengwei

Xiamen Kedixing Children's Products Co., Ltd.

Xiamen Kedixing Children's Products Co., Ltd. is an enterprise that focuses on the development and sales of children's shoes from 0-12 years old and the surrounding areas. Its main brand is "KIDS.ING". Its sales channels cover all major domestic e-commerce platforms online, and more than 100 stores and collection stores offline. It is the basic concept of the brand to continue to explore materials and processes that are more friendly to children and the earth, open the magic box full of imagination of children and accompany them to explore the unknown world through the creativity of the sky and bright colors.

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