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International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Little Collar T-shirt


Project Description

The Little Collar T-shirt it is made from BT_Gritty black, a fabric developed by biem lfdlkk. By changing the structure of the fibres, the fabric is three times tougher than normal fabrics, which means that it not only has a good colour effect, but is also exceptionally stable. Even after 300 washes, the colour fastness is up to grade 4, which is higher than the national standard of grade 3. Due to the unique structure of the fabric, Small Collar T also wicks perspiration away quickly. This makes it comfortable to wear, breathable and kind to the skin. The T-neck shirt also has a high sun protection factor of UPF 50+, which blocks 99.99% of UV rays.
In terms of shape, the Small Collar T is designed with Björn's exclusive patented Micro Eight Small Collar shape, with a 5 cm collar lobe and 75° angle. This fits more closely to the curvature of the Chinese neck, making it more refined and stylish.
Aurora Orange, Sycamore Green, Haitian Haze and Obsidian Black are the 12 new colours for Spring/Summer 2023 ...... Different colours have different stories and symbolic meanings.
Little Collar T-shirtt, innovative technology, knows you better!


Founded in 2003, BIEM.L.FDLKK GARMENT CO.,LTD. takes "passion, resilience and commitment, continuous innovation" as its value, and integrates global advantageous resources with multi-brand, full-channel and fine-focus development strategy to provide people with high-quality and high-class dressing experience. We aim to become an international first-class casual wear group and create a high-quality, high-class life for people.
The company has five brands: biem l fdlkk, biem l fdlkk Golf, CARNAVAL DE VENISE (Venice Carnival), KENT&CURWEN and CERRUTI 188. 1biem l fdlkk is the No. 1 golf apparel stock in China (stock code: 002832) and is the partner of the Chinese national golf team. Wu Zun is its spokesperson. The two product lines, Fashion and Lifestyle, provide a one-stop shop for the clothing needs of the elite.
BIEM. L.FDLKK GOLF is a high-end fashion and sports brand with a professional and fashionable range of products to meet the needs of the elite in their increasingly sophisticated sporting scenarios. CARNAVAL DE VENISE is a resort and travel clothing brand that is a one-stop shop for middle-class families. The global luxury brands CERRUTI 1881 and KENT & CURWEN were acquired by the Björn Löwen Group in 2023 and are expected to be launched in 2024 at the earliest.
In 20 years of development, BIML FDLKK has become the "National Golf Apparel Product Development Base" and the "China Golf Apparel Color Research and Development Base", with more than 70 patents including shape design, pattern design and fabric technology, and has won awards such as the "China Textile Industry Federation Product Development Contribution Award", "Top 10 Listed Garment Companies" and "China Apparel Brand Annual Award". 2019, biem l fdlkk In September 2020, as an industry representative, biem l fdlkk joined hands with CCTV's "Great Nation Brand", becoming the country's brand card. In 2023, the Group acquired global luxury brands CERRUTI 1881 and KENT & CURWEN, setting a milestone for internationalisation.

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