IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Sheer Elegance

by ChengMuDesign

Project Description

This is an interior design project for a residential house. The designer has made the entire design human-centered, and the character of the homeowner's family was introduced into the space to create an exclusive and unique lifestyle. The designer has set white as the primary color scheme, supplemented by the mirror and titanium-plated metal elements, to create an American light luxury style as the primary spatial focus based on the owner's graceful personality and decent taste.
Entering the residence, one will notice the shared living space paved with a large area of white to expand the overall spatial feeling. Dark gray sofas, brown dining chairs, and other dark colors are planned for furnishings to open the prelude with an elegant and calm tone. In the living room, to give the residents an enjoyable living space, the designer embedded the cabinet in the TV wall and placed the sofa against the other back wall to maintain a spacious spatial presentation. On the other hand, the TV wall is made of stone and extends to the end wall, presenting visual unity through the same texture. The end wall not only solves the problem of the feng shui taboo but also separates the guest from the restaurant. In the dining room, the exquisite crystal chandelier is hung above the dining table to deliver a touch of luxury.
Upstairs, the private area continues the pure white American style of the public area, creating a consistent space. Toward the second-floor bedroom, dark brown bedding matches the homeowner's original classic American furniture, highlighting the unique and unobtrusive style. In the master bedroom on the third floor, the bed is divided into dark and light-colored fabrics with thick and thin lines and titanium-plated metal trim, adding a sense of visual hierarchy. The table next to the TV cabinet can be used as a desk or a refreshment bar to meet the different needs of the residents.
little titanium-plated metal element is added for a low-key luxury taste. Moreover, the dark walnut wood veneer in the decoration builds a calm, restrained, luxurious, and elegant living. In the spatial partition, the designer cleverly uses iridescent glass and gray glass material to define distinct areas, using the characteristics of light transmission and opaqueness to expand the spatial presentation while retaining the independence of each space. In the bedroom, the designer uses the space scale to delicately divide the dressing room, bathroom, and sitting area, giving the residents a stable and quality sleeping environment and an independent spatial pattern.
With the rising awareness of environmental protection, organic green building materials such as F1-grade corner materials, panels, and eco-friendly emulsion paints are used throughout the project to realize the four major environmental protection points, including healthy living, ecological health, human-centered health, and global sustainability, allowing residents to live in a healthy and secure environment. The curtains are made of entire blackout fabric to reduce heat radiation. The first-class energy-efficient hanging concealed air conditioners keep the indoor space comfortable while achieving energy-saving and carbon-reducing effects.


A residence should be more than a safe shelter for individuals but also a living space that is relaxing, comfortable, and relaxing. Every project we handle,is an excellent combination of color configuration, the presentation of the style, and the spatial expression of the owners' daily routines and habits. The client has put their dreams and expectation into our own hands, and therefore we have the responsibility to plan it aesthetically and realistically. It is a spatial interpretation of the client's lifestyle. We execute and value every design detail and put it to work in the entire space.

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