IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

JINGSHUN Future center

by Hangzhou north south boundary space design Co., Ltd

Projet Description

This project is located at the core of the Olympic Sports plate along the Qiantang River in Hangzhou. Hangzhou is a new generation of vertical and horizontal central axis interwoven center. The center is rebuilt in the center. Based in the south of the Yangtze River, Aoli is among the world. Build a model of exquisite life in the future city, and strive to open up a new pattern of luxury houses.
"The book of Jin · biography of Ruan Ji and others": "when he enters, he will touch the common people with the same dust and not live in fame and wealth; when he retreats, he will eat and walk smoothly to protect innocence."
The 310 ㎡ model house takes "returning to the real world" as the starting point. After returning home, it is naive, carefree, simple and natural, expressing a high degree of life, and echoing the inheritance and plain connotation of the project name "yinpu". Today's luxury houses are no longer complicated decorations, nor are they the barbaric stacking of luxury furniture. They should be a harbor for the hearts of new elites gathered under the background of urban civilization. They should abandon complexity and worship high-quality materials, subtle details, cultural inheritance, elegant style, streamlined space and artistic taste. Go back to your heart and return to nature.
The design of home uses more comfortable touch and more beautiful visual feeling. The combination of multi-dimensional streamline space design composition and composite furniture makes the space flexible and rich. The application of science and technology combines with life to feel the enjoyment brought by smart home.
The functional design and planning of "3+2+x" of 310 ㎡ apartment type can provide landscape, rest, party and reception. 270 ° panoramic view, super large-scale composite space, art collection and luxury furniture are available, the space utilization is optimized and maximized, and the functional planning is rigorous, which can meet the needs of daily families at the same time. The scale of comfortable space, the configuration of complete functions, the landscape with open vision, and the model of urban life with exquisite future style! Redefine the private luxury residence of the urban skyline elite!

Hangzhou north south boundary space design Co., Ltd

North south boundary space design Co., Ltd. was established in 2010. Focus on business innovation research and differentiated positioning. Tailor the most efficient innovative brand terminal design services for professional brand customers.
We are committed to exploring the relationship between main business, brand business and people. Practitioners of urban development, through efficient and sustainable space design, realize value for customers in the business environment, so as to promote the effective improvement of people's consumption habits, life and work.
The North-South border takes "innovative design concept, strict design management, and market-oriented design results" as the working principle, and "whether a complete project is a perfect design" as the test standard. It has been active in the commercial design market for many years with a high level of work, and has won a good reputation in the industry.

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