IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Hot Spring Center of Nayun Cliff Vacation Village

by Plain Architects(P·A·D)

Project Description

The project is located in Jinning County, Lishui City, Zhejiang Province, China, the site is in a scenic valley slope, surrounded by mountains on three sides, the design adopts the design concept of "negative architecture", the form of the building is entirely by the inner core function of the demand in response to the changes in the terrain, emphasizing the mutual growth and dependence of the building and the site, where we create a Here, we have created a new way of experience that is completely different from that of ordinary hot spring hotels. Part of the building space is buried in the mountain, and most of the indoor hot spring pools are located in the underground space. Each private bath room is designed with 360-degree view relationship, and the clever opening can guarantee the absolute privacy of each private bath room while having a great outdoor view to enjoy.

Plain Architects(P·A·D)

Plain Architects(P·A·D) was founded in 2015. Since its establishment, P·A·D has focused on the design and research direction of local contemporary architecture, followed the design philosophy of "see the plain and embrace the simple", advocated the design principles of "experimental, original, pure and contemporary", and insisted on "The firm has established a multi-dimensional and cross-border way of thinking with space as a clue, and proposed a practice strategy of collaborative design and deep integration of space, art, engineering, structure, electromechanics and other fields. The firm is equipped with multi-disciplinary design capabilities and in-depth research accumulation from planning to architecture, landscape, interior. The firm has accumulated years of independent thinking and practical experience in the fields of art and humanistic space, rural construction, agriculture, culture and tourism, and leisure and vacation design, and has the ultimate pursuit of space aesthetics and design quality.

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