IDPA Japan Design Award

Hengdian Longjing Puyu Villa

by JDKJ Design

Project Description

With regard to the Longjing Puyu Villa project, the designer uses Dongyang culture as the design theme, and by means of extracting and incorporating the classic architecture and cultural connotation of Dongyang, breaks the time barrier between the ancient and the present with ingenuity, createing a time-space dialogue between modern design and intangible cultural heritage on the one hand, and reintegrating and reconstructing the humanistic artistic conception of Dongyang that belongs to the present on the other. The project, which seeks to establish a deep and hidden house in the nature, is highly favored by the first-class directors and stars due to the charming landscape picture, comfortable living environment, and the distinctive geographical advantages of Hengdian.

JDKJ Design

JDKJ Design was founded in 2008. The group is headquartered in Dongguan and established the Hong Kong Extreme Space Hotel Design Company in the same year. It is a comprehensive professional design company that integrates interior design, soft decoration design, lighting design, and in-depth design, with different business sectors such as hotels, clubs, medical care, exhibition halls, commercial offices, and private residences. It is committed to providing customers with high-level, efficient, and high-quality customized services.

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