IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Gucheng Group Headquarters Office

by Guangzhou Zhuhui Interior Design Consulting Co., Ltd

Projet Description

This case is a 4200-party headquarters group office design project, the designer will simplify and aesthetic, clear and obscured, real and illusory multi-dimensional complementarity, focus on excavation, innovation and transformation. Through the analysis and reconstruction of "corporate culture", "corporate form", and other elements, a space with scenarios and temperatures is created.
Construct creative visual spaces in multi-complex structures. The office area not only reflects the personality of the design industry, but also fully expresses its own cultural and aesthetic values.
Yueshan River, watching the sun and the moon: The project of this scheme is located in Baiyun District, Guangzhou, and the specific location is located at the intersection of Yunhe Avenue and Guangcong Highway. It is bordered by Baiyun Mountain to the east and Liuxi River to the west.
Many spaces in the project adopt local culture and corporate culture, such as Tianyuan Place, the concept of "Tianyuan Place" first originated from the ancient Chinese people's initial understanding of the universe and earth, and later developed into an important idea of traditional Chinese culture. The cosmic schema of the "Round Place" has a very meaningful formal beauty and artistic beauty, which runs through the conceptual layout, architectural components and styles of the building.
The sand table area / extracted a form of the sky dome, and the form is applied to the space to make the space have a sense of enclosure. The elevated sand table area forms a spatial relationship with the area shrouded in the sky dome, allowing the viewer to completely immerse themselves in it, forming an incomparable aesthetic scene.
The lobby reception area / the space uses more elements of the enterprise group LOGO in the design, and some lines full of corporate culture are applied to the space, so that the space is full of corporate culture!
The multi-purpose area/uses a collision of various materials, gradient glass, wood finish, gray wall paint, gray brick, harmony of proportions from the color of the material, and the texture of the material itself to create a sense of atmosphere in the space. And part of the ground elevation divides the entire space into a new realm, not only from the material design, but also from the shape of the change of design, so that the space becomes flexible and smooth.
The common office area/overall adopts modern and simple style lines, making the space smooth and transparent, adding an atmospheric book bar to the common office area, soothing a sense of tension in the office area, and making the whole space coordinated.
In other spaces, the "corporate red" with high brightness is introduced into the office, giving people a cordial visual effect, thereby creating an artistic conception, making the space less restrained, more creative and interesting.

Guangzhou Zhuhui Interior Design Consulting Co., Ltd

Founded in Guangzhou in 2018, Guangzhou Zhuhui Interior Design Consulting Co., Ltd. is a professional organization focusing on interior design and supporting decoration, bringing together designers graduated from Guangzhou art colleges.
Since the establishment of the company, it has been adhering to the ultimate goal of meeting or exceeding customer expectations, adhering to the spirit of breakthrough, creativity, style and careful professional design, and is committed to the development of model houses, high-end clubs, catering, clubs, high-end hotels and office buildings interior environment design and architectural appearance design.
The company has rich experience in interior and architectural design, undertakes and completes a number of excellent large-scale interior decoration engineering design, through providing high-quality and professional design services, shapes a good interior and architectural appearance design field, has won a large number of loyal customers, and maintains long-term cooperative relations with large groups in various domestic industries, and its business covers Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Zhuhai, Beijing, Henan and other regions of China.
Awards received: 2022 MUSE Grand Prix Platinum Award
2022 TITAN Property Awards Platinum Award
2022 IDA International Awards Nomination Award
2022 OPAL London Outstanding Property Awards Winner
2022 Asia Pacific Space Design Awards Gold Medal
2021-2022 China's Top 100 Interior Design Designer
Member unit of Guangzhou Yangcheng Design Alliance from 2020 to 2023

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