IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Interior design of Quanwen group Huai’an Feed Mill

by Shenzhen Huadian Decorate Design Limited Company

Projet Description

This case is the full case design of the office building, R&D building, dormitory building, and other indoor spaces in the factory area of Jiangsu Taiwan Enterprise Quanwen Group. The new functional structure of aquaculture enterprise integrating intelligent breeding, ecological agriculture, and technological research and development makes it more technological, intelligent and humane. To adapt to the ever-changing humanistic and economic needs.
In the process of interior design, through combing the architectural characteristics, spatial characteristics and local culture, and an analysis of the trend of high-tech and intelligent office space, on the basis of a profound understanding of the brand image positioning of the project, the guiding ideology of green, environmental protection, function, technology, and intelligence as the design of this project is specifically proposed and implemented in the specific design steps.
In the entire sequence of this design, the designer integrates concise and lively architectural appearance characteristics, brings together functions, materials, light and shadow, color, texture and other elements, emphasizing the contrast of black, white, and gray and the interspersion of dots, lines and surfaces. Sublimation of the quality and spirit of the space, pursuing a pure and lively modern office space, focusing on the spatial beauty, structural beauty and rhythmic beauty of the building, and striving to perfectly reflect the unity and symbiosis of the interior space and the architectural space.

Shenzhen Huadian Decorate Design Limited Company


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