IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Longxitai kindergarten

by Shangjie Design Office

Projet Description

For so many years, unicorns have been living a fairly comfortable life because they feed on various leaves and grasses that grow in the forest. In the spring and summer seasons when the flowers and plants bloom, they will carefully avoid eating the beautiful flowers in bloom. Perhaps because they are unwilling to destroy the beautiful things, the flowers will soon grow berries to entertain themselves. They especially like to eat a variety of berries like wild strawberries, crabapples and mountain cherries. Sometimes they will use their horns to hit the branches full of fruit, or use the power of their hind legs to reach the desired fruit. Not everyone can find a unicorn. You must reach the deepest part of the forest. You must walk carefully and listen carefully. Only then can you find it.

Shangjie Design Office
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