IDPA Japan Design Award

Interior Decoration Design for 54th Floor Office Area of Jiuzhou International


Projet Description

GREE, as a large domestic home appliance manufacturer, has developed into a diversified and technology-based global industrial group taking science and technology as its core development philosophy through transformation and upgrading and sticking to the concept of innovation driven and quality first. The company is located in Nanning, which is characterized by unique natural conditions with evergreen and even dubbed as Green City. Each project has its uniqueness, the design aims to discover the unique of company itself and add more GREE corporate elements to the space by having a good understanding and analysis of corporate culture of GREE and local culture so as to improve working efficiency and provide happiness and a sense of belonging for employees. In addition, a health and diversified working environment is created for the space to reflect the quality combination between corporate vision and culture. Besides, we are designed to create a modern, innovation-driven, intelligent, green and healthy, humanized and high effective working space for the company.
Simple and bright modern design style is made to create an approachable atmosphere to provide employees and visitors with comfortable environment. We take white and warm wood finish materials as the main elements and combine the natural green and corporate blue to make the whole space full of vigor and vitality. In addition, those elements and natural lighting and environmental-friendly materials complement with each other to create green and health working environment.
Considering the business development of the company, two meeting rooms are arranged in the reception area to flexibly conduct business communication with visitors and reduce the interreference of office area. Various scenarios are designed including workstation, closed meeting areas, telephone booth, small open space, and large meeting room to form diversified space layout and provide support for different kinds of working activities, making office more efficient and providing comfortable environment for employees. Workstation, taking natural lighting as basis, is arranged along with the big windows to provide a tranquil working atmosphere and make employees close to nature so as to create an individualized environment with physical and mental health for employees. After that, culture exhibition area, deeply impressed by employees and visitors, is arranged to elevate brand image of the company as a way to enhance the cohesiveness of employees and promote business development, creating commercial value for the company.


Shenzhen Overseas Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd. (abbreviated as Overseas Decoration) was founded in 1981. It is the first state-owned decoration enterprise and large central enterprise in China. It is the only architectural decoration enterprise that won the "China Quality Award". It is one of the company members of China Construction Decoration Group, one of the world's "strongest" 500 companies of 2021, and the facilities section of China State Construction. The company is headquartered in Shenzhen and located in the most prosperous Huaqiangbei Central Park in Shenzhen. The company has six regional companies in the north part of China, Shanghai, Guangdong, Sichuan, Wuhan (exhibition), and overseas. The overseas decoration footprint covers more than 100 large and medium cities across the mainland China, Hong Kong, and Macao regions, as well as North Africa, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia, forming a market pattern of "East, West, North, South, Central" + "The Belt and Road".
The company adheres to scientific and technological design and high-quality, and has successively won 28 China Construction Engineering Luban Prizes, 63 China Construction Engineering Decoration Awards, 24 National High-quality Projects, and 128 China's Science and Technology Innovation Achievements and Technology Demonstration Project Awards. It has won more than 266 design awards such as "The Architectural Engineering Decoration and Design Award of China", and was awarded as a Chinese high-tech enterprise.

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