IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Interior decoration design for Shenzhen Rural Commercial Bank Headquarters in Shenzhen Xintong Financial Building

Wu Kaicheng

Projet Description

Shenzhen Rural Commercial Bank, originated from Shenzhen at the early founding of New China, is the first Credit Union realizing universal cash saving and withdrawing, issuing bank card and with qualification for foreign exchange business. Guided by the pioneering concept of Commercial Bank and aimed at providing client with diamond-grade service, we are designed to create smart bank featured by dignity, elegance, sense of technology and experience in terms of interior design.
To extend the multi-level and transparent features of the architecture, based on the elements of logo with diamond and V-shape symbol, we are committed to integrating the traditional culture of five elements into design language and also focusing on its financial attribute to extract black, white, and gold as the tonal collocation of the whole space, which is also the symbol of status in financial industry with blank, white and golden cards, creating a natural spatial atmosphere with great dignity and a sense of technology.
Through fully interpreting the culture spirit of Commercial Bank, we take dignity, nature and science and technology as the core element of interior design and truly people-oriented to empower our clients with respected spatial experience and provide comfortable and elegant working environment for workers. Combined with multi-dimensional greening design and mutual integration between function and feelings, the architecture and interior complement each other to highlight the distinctive spatial environment of Shenzhen Rural Commercial Bank with elegant and exquisite quality.

Wu Kaicheng

Shenzhen Overseas Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd. (abbreviated as Overseas Decoration) was founded in 1981. It is the first state-owned decoration enterprise and large central enterprise in China. It is the only architectural decoration enterprise that won the "China Quality Award". It is one of the company members of China Construction Decoration Group, one of the world's "strongest" 500 companies of 2021, and the facilities section of China State Construction. The company is headquartered in Shenzhen and located in the most prosperous Huaqiangbei Central Park in Shenzhen. The company has six regional companies in the north part of China, Shanghai, Guangdong, Sichuan, Wuhan (exhibition), and overseas. The overseas decoration footprint covers more than 100 large and medium cities across the mainland China, Hong Kong, and Macao regions, as well as North Africa, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia, forming a market pattern of "East, West, North, South, Central" + "The Belt and Road".
The company adheres to scientific and technological design and high-quality, and has successively won 28 China Construction Engineering Luban Prizes, 63 China Construction Engineering Decoration Awards, 24 National High-quality Projects, and 128 China's Science and Technology Innovation Achievements and Technology Demonstration Project Awards. It has won more than 266 design awards such as "The Architectural Engineering Decoration and Design Award of China", and was awarded as a Chinese high-tech enterprise.

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